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Healing Computer
Availability Update

Presently, Neil is making another attempt to continue to benefit and save more lives. The best news is that there is now renewed hope for so many suffering today, whereas in the past, such hope was slim at best.

We also continue to receive numerous, heart-rendering testimonials of the computer’s healing from those suffering from life-threatening diagnoses such as cancer and diabetes as well as other chronic disorders.

As most of us know, Neil recently entered the US (no more Black List!) with a part of his tour throughout the country related to the healing machines.

This amazing new bio-resonance technology is changing the practice of medicine in the 21st Century. Health professionals who personally experienced the healing computer or doctors of patients who’ve recovered from chronic illnesses are truly amazed at the results.

California and Rhode Island were the main states participating in event presentations where nearly each and every person participating received notable improvements and healing from this magnificent machine.

As we continue to document results, we are not only heartened by these results, we are continuing efforts to make these healing computers available world-wide.

During his travels Neil became aware of many people with chronic conditions who needed healing treatments and who traveled considerable distances to seek help. In his compassion, afterwards he allowed it to weigh him down a great deal.

Many of the people who spoke to Neil on this tour told him they were rather shy about discussing their finances, as their tremendous need for healing were pressing on their quality of life. Neil replied that he would do his best to help them.

Upon returning to Europe, he began to work on a possible plan for getting a discount for those who could not afford the current price. He visited with his dear friend Walter and discussed the parameters of what can and cannot be done to help. (The costs of the production of the machines remain high.)

After 4 -5 days of extended discussions, an agreement was made for a temporary price reduction which represents a considerable saving.

(The reality is that this technology involves bespoke hardware (including gold and rare earth elements) and software which is very expensive to produce.)

Hopefully, the reduced price will help get those of you wanting to purchase a machine over the bridge, and with God’s blessings you will feel alive and well again. In his heart this has always been Neil’s greatest hope.

In the meantime, Neil and Group K wish good health and well-being to each one of you…

(Please note: There are only a few machines (10) at the reduced price. As soon as orders are placed, they will be treated on a “first come, first served” in setting a degree of fairness.)

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Please note that further testimonials will be added to this article shortly.


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  1. Everybody at each critical moment need hope – the hope of living disease free.
    The healing computer is a paradigm shift in medicine. Thank you Mr. Neil and Group K. Your unshakable spirit is an inspiration for all of us.

  2. Please provide the price of the healing unit.

  3. Thank You All, keep up the good work, many blessings, much Love/Gratitude.

  4. Avni sees Neil’s wonderful efforts. Bebe asks Avni to sit back at home and rest, Neil would be handling everything. Avni wants to support Neil in his investigations. Vidyut learns Neil has nabbed his aide.

  5. I would like to be placed on the list for a purchase

  6. Hennie Dijkstra

    May 1, 2018 at 7:37 pm

    Please provide me with a purchase price

  7. Naveen wadhwa

    May 8, 2018 at 5:23 am

    Dear, I want to purchase healing computer, practicing radionics for the last 15 years. Kindly inform me the price of the latest you have .

  8. I saw your article Neil, and so appreciative and with blessed admiration and love over your arduous task to fight the CABAL.

    Please would you be able to give me time frame over the med beds or healing tech to arrive in FL to the regular citizen. I see that some states already had priority. Thank you.

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