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Emergency Terror Alert
and Cabalist Grande Lander /
General Electric Exposed

Emergency Terror Alert and Grande Lander Cabalist  /  General Electric Exposed

By The Keenan Team

Video Highlights:

Emergency Alert

An alert has been issued by the FBI and DHS about an imminent terrorist attack.

The areas of highest probability for attack are:

>  Greater Southwest areas of the U.S.

>  El Paso, TX

>  Las Cruces, NM

>  Tucson, Phoenix and Yuma, AZ

>  San Diego and the greater Los Angeles area, CA

This has been confirmed by local law enforcement on the NCIC DHS database system.  For those who live in or around these areas, please be prepared with emergency evacuation plans that use other than the main highways, with rally points to staging areas where help can be given to patriots at other rally points.

Any new intel will be conveyed immediately when it is received.  It is hoped with this information now being out in the open that the cabal’s devastating plans will be thwarted.

Grande Lander is General Electric (GE)

It has been discovered and verified that Grande Lander’s lie-filled blog has been traced to the General Electric Corporation in Fairfield, CT.  Yes, GE, the criminal American corporation that pays zero U.S. taxes and sends all their jobs overseas,  jobs that should rightfully be for Americans.  GE, the cabal corporation with the ultimate hypocrisy in their slogan — they absolutely do not bring good things to life.

You’re busted Lander, and so are your cabal cronies working with you:  Dimce Giorgief (Rumormill News), Tom Simms (who writes for Jean Haines), BK Lim (Kuala Lumpur), Jason Leeuing (female), and Denise Rednour (the Drake turncoat we all know and love to hate).  Know their names – all are traitors doing the bidding of the globalist cabal.

> Neil addresses Jean Haines’ issues – the letter from Drake Bailey, her attempts to blackmail a member of our Team, and her vicious, erroneous attacks on the King of Hawaii and S.C. Chiang, aka Count Albert.

> Note:  The King of Hawaii, HM King Edmund Keli’i, will be featured on RT (Russian Today, the Russian-based international cable and satellite television channel) on September 9th at 9PM (please check RT’s schedule for your local time).

> Egbert Sousé  – Lander started his recent cabal blog with a comment originally posted by Egbert Sousé on our website, thus making it appear that Mr. Sousé had posted all of the information that followed.  He did not.  Mr. Sousé’s intent was to share some of his information and experience, but his comment was certainly not intended to be included as any part of this corrupt blog.  Since communicating with Mr. Sousé directly, Neil discovered that he is an 87-year-old, highly intelligent gentleman of worldly experience.  With Neil presently being on a close and personal basis with the Thai family, the information he has provided is current and accurate.

> Edy Seno, a good friend of Neil’s, was also mentioned on Lander’s blog regarding a Cease & Desist that he supposed signed while in the hospital.  While the facts around this C&E were dispelled some time ago, Lander featured the story once again, omitting the facts, including that the document did not have Mr. Seno thumb print which makes it official.

> Inchul once again joins the Team in Jakarta – welcome back!


Video Part One

Video Part Two

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  1. Neil, You have my FULL support as well as my prayers for your health & well-being…I’m also happy to hear Michael Dunn is soon joining you! (His family & mine lived in close proximity back in Wisconsin…a small world indeed!) Your team appears to be coming together in an even stronger way, & I know you are more than ready for the tremendous challenges ahead…Thanks for keeping us updated whenever you are able…Sending the very best to TEAM KEENAN!!!

  2. I have been walking down this yellowbrick road for a while and what I like best about you Neil is the ” In your face, now look me in the eye ” approach you blog forth. Kudos to Jo too, Am going to think of you every time I listen to this song from the album Straight Up – Badfinger The words…. in love and truth.

  3. Goodnight! Glad to see you there Inchul, many blessing to you. Neil you need to put together a group photo after this is all over hahaha. I keep the best in my mind for you guys and hope to one day meet you all. You all are a major influence to me. Give’ em Hell!

  4. Nice trace K team! Now shoo flys! How many toes are left on the feet of the EU and their west driven decisions on sanctions? Funny story but true! When at the bank Friday the teller sent back two tootsie pops. I laughed and the wife said what is so funny? I said look the teller gave me a bust of Jean and Denise! We had to pull over in tears! The countries that agreed to the No Fly accords can help the world by gettin er done! NATO is exposed as a group of yes men to the west. Peacekeepers my astrolabe! Go team I will spend the day sucking on a few busts! Cant wait to get to the center! Take care and may God bless the people of the world this week!

  5. Would you please put the actual youtube website location underneath or beside the videos. I cannot view them because the videos don’t pop up on my computer (something wrong with java).


  6. The documentary about Hawaii: Is it “Hawaii: the stolen paradise”
    or is it a different show not listed on RT web site? I am very anxious not to miss it.

  7. Linda Gould Steffey

    September 8, 2014 at 2:00 pm

    Dear Neil,

    God bless you and your wonderful team!! My husband and I follow you and Drake and wish you well in health and in your hard work for all of us wee people of the earth! I love the Irish!! I am only 1/8th but proud of that much. Please be safe and thank you for all you do!! I trust all will be well soon for all of us around the world. Our hearts and prayers are with all of you!!! We are both 71 and would like to see a peaceful world before we croak………XXOO

  8. Blessings to you, Neil and your entire team. My support and prayers are with you. Thanks for all you do.

  9. Thanks for the update. It never fails to amaze me when the info comes to light on the truth of what is going on in the pit of vipers out there. We all have to watch where we step so as to not get our feet in a pile of shit. Well, it appears anyone working to rid the world of crap is going to get knee deep in it. Keep up the good work Team Keenan. You are all true, real, honest, good human beings.

    • Forgive Jean and move on. You both worked closely together. If she is creating a problem you must move on. I am sure at one time she respected you. It is always the hardest when we have a split with people close to us but sometimes it has to happen. Thank you for the warning. We all hope to see a positive change in the world. It is not going to happen through a lawsuit. These people make their own rules. Round em up.

      • As a holistic nurse who has worked in a healing profession for many years, I know the profound power of forgiveness. It does not mean we approve of hurtful behavior, but, rather, despite it all we choose compassion for someone who is “out of balance” or, as the Dalai Lama says, “have compassion for someone who is suffering internally”. I am not here to judge, but I do know in the core of my being that humankind is being given a golden opportunity to move beyond hatred & divisiveness. Many souls are going through crises of faith as well as crises of belief systems that no longer serve us. This website states “THIS FORUM HAS ONE PURPOSE—DEFEAT THE CABAL…TO EXPOSE THE MISANTHROPIC GLOBALISTS & STRATEGIZE THEIR DEMISE…” It is time to return to the tremendous tasks at hand. Let’s gather our courage & the best of us so that we refocus on the great collective effort of returning this planet to We The People so that we can co-create a New Earth…where truth, justice, compassion rule…where we respect our differences & come together for the best of our well-being & for a prosperous future for those who come after us…When our collective focus is on what is needed to heal ourselves & the Earth as well as on no longer allowing the cabal to control us & distort the best in us by continuing to separate us through conflict & distortions, only then we will ultimately be victorious…Peace to all…

        • Hi Jeanne,

          We hear you and know you realize what the ideal is and that this is precisely what we are working toward. What many don’t consider is the shoe being on the other foot. If your name is being slandered and slurred, would you remain quiet? To remain quiet is totally suppress what you’re feeling, which is definitely not a healthy action for the human constitution. Having compassion often encompasses what’s referred to as “tough love.” In fact, had he remained quiet about these incidents, the truth may not have been uncovered about some very important things. As you are wise enough to know, the paradox of life often shows us that out of bad things, good things come.

          Neil is a fighter by nature which makes him uniquely ideal for the work that he has undertaken. We’re more than grateful to have someone like him standing up for us, along with all of the others who have the courage to do so. Everyone can be assured that despite these distractions, Neil has been undeterred and remains utterly focused on the priorities. Concrete proof of this will be shown shortly, and naysayers will surely rue that day. And we’ll have plenty of compassion for them when they add their efforts to helping their fellow men/women.

          Thank you for your erudite words and support, Jeanne.

          • Do not worry I can handle many things at one time and that diversion is just fun time for me….Nothing serious seeing I know what is right and what is wrong and it always comes out in the wash. You believe in others while I just play with them. You give them enough rope they always hang themselves. This is for sure.

          • Thank you for your kind reply! I very much agree with Neil’s need to address any attacks on his good name, & he has done this valiantly. My references above are for the rest of us to refocus on the battles ahead so that we are fully behind Neil & his courageous team…

            • Thank you Jeanne for your very wise and kind words and I agree with everything you said. You are an angel.

              live oak xxx
              I’m an RN too and I also rescue animals whenever they find me or I find them. I feel that we have a lot in common.

              • Notice: Any comments submitted within the next couple of hours may be lost due to a site update. Sorry for any inconvenience. Please feel free to comment later.

                • Re-posted for Stark; missed during site update:

                  “Hello everyone,

                  My name is not important but I am a college student for database management. I was an ignorant American Marine who spent many years fighting over seas, drinking beer, and building my American dream (debt). After a small crisis brought me out of that world and into college I soon realized the truth of my world. It took me less then a year in college before I stumbled across some of the most heinous crimes against humanity, and I helped commit some of these acts. Such as ISIS running rampant, that was all thanks to my service in Iraq from 2004-2005. I am sorry to all the Iraqi people, I didn’t know.

                  Ignorance is no excuse for breaking moral law and now I want to help humanity I no longer work for Jacobs Technology, a leading tester in weapons and equipment. In fact the same armored vehicles and police equipment you see being used by the military police state in America was tested by none other then me. I have helped on a lot of different fronts for the corporation and I want to see them get brought down.

                  It saddens me to see so much death and destruction in our world. I don’t know what one person who lives in a small town can do but I know what an organized group of motivated individuals can do. If being a Marine taught me anything, it is that we can accomplish anything, with nothing, if we have the heart to do it. I no longer have the heart to serve my country but I do have the heart to serve the great beautiful and loving people of earth. I cherish every moment I get with you guys, and look forward to helping out. Please if ever I can do something, even just donating a little money, I’m here for the cause; let me know.

                  Thanks, Stark”

                  • Welcome aboard, Stark! Your honesty & realization/awakening to the truth speak volumes! Bless you for caring about We The People…United we stand…

                  • Your honesty and courage to see and learn from mistakes and say; ” I screwed up, now I want to fix it.” is testament to high ideals and courage AND integrity….it is these qualities that make Marines ( though others have not perceived what you have- they are not “bad”- just being misled..and their service and loyalties are being abused) the elite service that they are.

                    Would you consider contacting the people at Veterans Today? I’m sure you could have an interesting discussion. I wish you well.

                  • Stark once we get our show on the road once and for all I will be contacting you. There is much someone such as yourself can do to assist us in getting things up and running. You just take care and be safe for now. The time is coming for your assistance and being who you are you will be a perfect fit for what I am looking for. All the best and stay safe.

  10. Plenty of GE people in the Obama Administration. GE is also behind this anti-coal, global warming hype because they want to build more nuclear plants. Heck, GE can’t even make a decent refrigerator anymore than doesn’t break.

    • If GE is with the Cabal you can bet your last dollar they have been part of the US Corporate government since Geo. H. W. Bush was President of the U.S.A., who replaced the FDA with Monsanto GMOs former CEOs.

  11. thnx on behalf of people in USA!
    hope truly will help with warnings and safe some life there…

  12. Hello Neil:

    I live on the West Coast and I’m very grateful for your post. Thank you to your team as well. California is in so much trouble right now nothing would surprise me at this point. I will do my best to warn those close to me but there is so much denial! Take care.

    • Neal
      We all appreciate what it is that you are doing……but PLEASE, forget Jean Haines, no one wants to go there….we are focused on other things…..Please keep your focus/path ….forget the distractions…..reports the progress….not the negative….thank you ALL for what you do and the mission…….we are all hoping you are the one! Thanks again!!

  13. Why is this irrelevant Jean Haines blogger still getting airtime? Next.

    • Thank you! I’ve been wondering why anyone would listen to this person. No credibility at all that I’ve found. And the one time I checked out that site, I called out some guy for a bigoted comment he made. Jean immediately jumped all over me, like I should be more tolerant! Of bigotry?? I knew right then that something was wrong there. Now I just dismiss anything I hear from that site. Not worth Neil’s time, either…. imho.

  14. Great BIG hugs 2 all of U & welcome back Inchul. <3

  15. Thanks for the update Neil….I love the way you look right at the camera into our eyes and tell us what’s going on. Thank you to all of the Team; it makes me very happy to know that all the guys are there and that Michael and Peter will be coming soon to help you as well. Welcome back Inchul Kim, my brother! You made me smile from ear to ear…and Nelu is there too!!!! As Interested Party said: forget the distractions and thank you one and all for all that you’re doing for us. We love you. I love you. Don’t ever forget that.

    The warnings don’t surprise me because the 11th is on Thursday, and those 11 planes are still missing from Tripoli airport. (I posted the article on the last thread, I think, and it’s general knowledge now.) I’ve heard to avoid crowds, stay out of shopping malls….all kinds of common sense stuff. Be aware of your surroundings and stay vigilant everyone and trust your instincts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.
    I keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers as always. Be safe.
    live oak xoxo

  16. A note from this post:
    One thing is, regarding the King (Edmund K. Silva, Jr.) appearing on RT on 9-9-14, that was a misquote from the video. What Neil actually said was (12:33), “On September 9th at 9 PM on RT you will have the history of Hawai’i, and I’m sure you will meet with Keli’i Silva [Edmund K. Silva, Jr.] on that show. I think you will, anyway.”

    As I understand it, he was referring to the show…, “Hawai’i: The Stolen Paradise”… In the portion I have seen…, there was no mention of him (although the show was very unveiling about many things Hawai’i).

    Neil also said, “The guy is the best thing since Kool Aid in Hawai’i.” Substitute “poi“, “Kālua pig“, or “spam musubi“, for “Kool Aid”, and you’d absolutely be right!

  17. Is it a coincidence that all of the places on alert for attack are conservative? I don’t think so.

    • The political slant of the cities on the terror alert list is irrelevant. How it is that you can say that “Greater Los Angeles” is conservative is beyond me. All of those locations are on the US/Mexico border, and the far-right wing and cabal would love nothing more than to stir up some stink concerning that border. That’s all.

  18. dear neil

    i am letting you know how much i appreciate your work. i am just an old farm boy from illinios. but God has put me in a high calling office, a watchman on the wall, a forward artillery officer calling in the barrage or air strikes.
    a couple years ago at 2:30 am cen i was awaked to take authority over a threat to world peace the next day at about 11:40am in north central arkansas a huge explosion shook the very ground i stood upon. it was later reported to have been heard in several states. that evening rumormill news reported that a nuke tipped cruise missle was intercepted and destroyed in mid flight by a ufo. it was headed for a USAF base in kansas. i was shocked at the quick confirmation of how severe this was. this is an example of what is normal for me so if you get attacked and i get wind of it dont be surprised if guardian angels decloak protecting you.
    i would so much like to help with the clean up after the cabal is gone. my skype name is XXXXXXXXX. if you have time i would love to talk with you. if you want me to intervene and call in heaven’s armies on anything add me to skype and send me a text or i am set up[ with a headset. if you want a more secure form of communication i have vsee also. i am 60 and disabled out of the tool and die maker trade. there are many people i would like to give to that has blessed me when i had nothing. they are hurting.
    now do you know what the fed reserve 100 yr plan was. the FR would allow the american people to use their private bank notes. with a 35% user fee on all commerce done in them plus 1% per year of the US Gov national gold reserves for 100 years. these bank notes are all registered as an asset by serial number of ucc3 financial statements as their assets. on page 83 of the march 9, 1933 minutes of the house it states
    ” the new money will be worth 100 cents on the dollar, because it is backed by the full credit of the Nation. it will represent a first mortgage on all the homes and other property of all the people of the Nation.”
    all printed money and credit issued by the fed reserve system is the sole property of the Fed Reserve regardless who holds or uses it. there is a maxim of law whatever a person acquires from the use of someone elses asset belongs to the owner of the asset.. if the federal gov defaults paying the interest on the national debt.
    the shareholders can sue for default and own everything from coast to coast as well as 400 million debt slaves. most likely most all of the american people has dead peasant whole life insurance policies issued on their heads in excess of 20 million each. what the our ancestors did to the native Americans could be happening to their descendants, the american people.
    the bottom line is the bankers want to sell america to a new group of suckers after the american people are removed. in 1492 there was 30 million native Americans in north america. 400 years later less than 60,000 we left. their blood cries out from the ground to this day.
    well thats all for now i hope to hear from you soon.
    sincerely, brokenwrench

  19. “In desperate times, desperate people do desperate things”. Perhaps the best road to recovery starts with a written apology to ask for forgiveness of the desperate things that have been purported against Neil. After all a spoonful of apology helps the medicine go down.

    Forgiveness is a two way street. Neil can forgive but forgiveness must be ask for first in order for forgiveness to be given.

    If forgiveness was a one way street then was there really any forgiveness for both parties? One sided forgiveness is an accident waiting to happen and never solves the issues.

    There is one thing I know for sure and that is “In desperate times, desperate people do desperate things” but it will not slow or stop Neil & team mission. FREEDOM LIVES.

  20. The flooding in Arizona is from the cabal and haarp. I just know it in my heart. Cars are being swept away and people drown. Homes are flooded and ruined. These psychopaths are so desperate to kill us all. I can’t wait to see them all arrested….mass arrests all across the country done by We The People and our militias. I don’t trust the Pentagon…seems to me they’re just like the politicians worried about their careers. I believe we are going to have to do it ourselves. Americans are armed, waiting behind every blade of grass….

    I hope this link works.

  21. Thank you Neil and Team, we are all with you and you are with us in our hearts. Go get that flag of Victory and bring it home for the world. I love you all dear brave ones.

  22. Let Down & Fed Up

    September 9, 2014 at 5:31 pm

    Open Letter to Jean Haines

    Ok, so we’ve all had enough of Jean Haines and the dim-witted, ignorant people who write for her. But before we all forget Jean, I for one have to get it this out of my system.

    I have followed you, Jean, from the very beginning and admired your work. It was like a breath of fresh air. Every day I looked forward to find what you posted, and it was like a Jean Haines fix. Then along came Neil Keenan and you took us on one exciting ride. It was cool, the daily highs and lows. Things were finally, finally happening. But something went wrong. You began to talk down to us, your readers. You also became controlling of Neil Keenan, but he just kept on doing what he was doing and went after the bad guys with no fear. He gave us all a reason to believe, to hope that things would change for us all. And he remains one of the courageous guys doing any kind of real thing to help us. When you had first had the falling out with him, you never even had the honesty enough to say what it was all about. That was the first big red flag, Jean, on a website that’s dated two years ago about the “real” truth, no less.

    Then you went after Drake Bailey. This supposedly was about Denise and Gramy J having words with Drake which pushed him so far that he fired his gun into the air out of pure frustration. Instead of seeing this for what it was, your team of girls (no, I was not in on this), led by you and this guy who has been anonymous until now, Tom Simms from Chicago, put together a plan to get rid of Drake. Yes, Jean, you planned this and told others to be quiet and stay out of the way. I know because I received the message as well. You created this deception to destroy a man who never did a thing to hurt anyone. And based on nothing, you claimed that Drake abuses women. Yes, this info got to me too.

    Neil Keenan said in one of his most recent videos: “Drake’s wife adores him and he has never raised a hand to her.” Don’t you think his own wife would know if he abuses women? But you keep pointing to a nasty letter that Drake sent you as proof that he was abusive and threatening but you’ve never made this letter public. Keenan said he received a copy of Drake’s letter and that there was nothing in it that was threatening or harmful. So who do we believe, Jean? How about you post that letter so that we can decide for ourselves and see what made you go off-the-chain about it. Better still, since I’m never going back to your website now, maybe Drake or Keenan can post that letter.

    Now you’ve completely lost it with your attacks on Keenan, soon followed by your posts written by some anonymous idiot who can’t write, attacking everyone else like Fulford, Wilcock, the King of Hawaii, Kauilapele, and even Alcuin Bramerton. If that wasn’t enough, then you post some insane crap from the OITC which as we all know is a totally bogus organization. After the fact you realized you were knee deep in it because you quickly posted the Wikipedia description of OITC and then took down all of those posts and comments real fast. Only a few readers know about those posts, but I sure saw them.

    You lied about Keenan having the funds from the Bitcoin account, and after you finally transferred the funds to him, you threatened one of the members of his team with exposing his name and his family. What kind of a sick revenge game are you playing? You knew all along that you had the funds.

    Then you call Count Albert, which everyone knows is none of your business in the first place. You tried to get rid of Keenan and because you obviously didn’t get the response you wanted from the man, you turn around and post an attack on him, calling him a con man. Ok, so maybe it was this idiot again writing about that, but you posted it under your name. What a disgrace.

    Good grief, Jean, I’ve been following it all and you’re turning out to be more horrifying every day. Have you gone off your medication or something? Has this guy Simms or some other cabal handler got some hold over you? Whatever good you’ve ever done, now you’ve undone every single thing. You’re a big traitor and a really painful humiliation to our truth and freedom movement.

    How I wish I could find some difference between what the cabal is doing and what you’re doing, but I can’t! I used to be behind you, and post comments on your site, but now I feel like a fool for doing that. You are the con woman, Jean, and you’re slamming everyone else as being a con. Nazi Germany was famous for that kind of trick. At least the cabal are straight out evil but you hide behind words of love and light and this makes it oh so clear that there’s no way you believe what you preach. And just when you think the world couldn’t get any more insane.

    And your squawking over and over about Neil threatening your life – puulease, Jean. If this was really the case, why don’t your readers comment about how totally evil and appalling that is? They don’t comment on it because everyone realizes but you that he is not threatening your life. He’s threatening your “secret” by making a phone call. I don’t know what that secret is, but when I consider everything you’re trying to do against those who mean to help mankind, I want to stop you too. How in the world can you be so hell bent on revenge, so flipping blind to the damage you are trying to do?

    Now it’s really obvious that you have been more than dirty yourself when you attack this former supporter of yours. This Emily has come forward and is pissed off with you, and you have to wonder why. She says she’s written most of what you have posted about Keenan and his group and all of the other attacks. She claims she researches too but what kind of research is this? So it’s true that you have not been writing those posts and worse yet, this Emily is stupidly pulling trash off the internet and you don’t have the good sense to see it for what it really is. But probably you do see it for what it is and that’s why you are posting it.

    Shame on you for deceiving us all. Shame on you for trying to deceive us into believing Neil Keenan and his team, the only good thing you have ever had, are cons. You call it beyond ugly when he responds to you because he’s calling you on your twisted, devious deceptions. But I see it in his face that he holds back and doesn’t completely lash out against you, and I wonder why. Jean, you don’t deserve any mercy at all.

    The house is falling on you and I’m glad to see it. You’ve done this all to yourself and have no one to blame but yourself. I cannot believe that you have gone this far to deceive us. What happened to the good woman you used to be? It is a joke, a really bad joke that is not funny at all.

    I will never go back to your website again. You have gone too far now, Jean. You’ve have shot yourself in the foot and nothing can undo it. You’re left with only the bad guys at your side now and that’s not a safe place to be. Maybe the only thing that this fool Emily was right about is that you are not the kind old grandmother type that you make yourself out to be. I am almost as old as you and a grandmother six times over and I know what it takes to be one and that is not you.

    Whoa be to those people who still follow you. I am not fooled by you anymore. From one woman to another, stop making us women look like monsters who want the cabal to continue on and on. Since you don’t feel any way about posting stuff anonymously, I’m going to stay anonymous too.

    Let Down and Fed Up

    • ” But I see it in his face that he holds back and doesn’t completely lash out against you, and I wonder why. Jean, you don’t deserve any mercy at all.”

      Let Down and Fed Up,
      Neil holds back because he’s a gentle man with a LOT of class and compassion and wisdom. It is very possible that Jean is being used by the cabal as Neil said. Everyone deserves mercy and forgiveness. What if you were in her place? Think about it. That’s all I’m asking you to do.
      live oak xx

    • Jean Haines is an Embarassment and Failure to ANY Honest Truth Seeker.

      • White Star,
        I have been dismayed and disgusted to learn what I’ve found out about Jean. For me, she is way past far left and I really have nothing in common with her at all, except I love my country with all my heart and soul. I just found out she is Canadian, and they are a socialist nation….severely socialist. I have some Canadian cousins so I know. It troubled me that Jean went public on her site about the abuse she went through growing up….something that should have been kept private, but that’s just me. I’m a fiercely private person and always will be. That was her decision to make, perhaps to elicit more sympathy from her readers. It also troubled me the most how she turned on Neil like a viper; I’ll never figure that one out.
        I agree with your comment. So many people in the Freedom Movement we trusted turned out to be embarrassments and failures and I learned a hard lesson about trust and it’s always been hard for me to trust. It takes me a long time to get to know anyone and I like being alone. Neil, however, is real and I love him and trust him like a brother…same goes for the Team K. I love that brutal honesty of Neil’s. He always gets right to the point and speaks in plain English. It’s very refreshing and reassuring. My trust is well placed. I just wish I could help more and I pray that this will be over asap. Meanwhile I pray for their safety and success.
        When I said that everyone deserves mercy and forgiveness, I meant it. As far as the cabal is concerned, I believe they all deserve trial and they have to pay for it too (their own $ which they stole from us in the first place) …every single one of them. I want the truth; I want to know everything they’ve done and I want the whole world to know what they’ve done. I want justice. There has to be justice and closure.
        live oak

    • I’m commenting on this because MY name was mentioned in this. I always have & always will wish everyone only the best. But, I haven’t been in touch with Jean & or Denise 4 quite some time. I support Drake & Neil. Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J @ Fort Hood, Texas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      • Hi Gramy J,
        I support Drake too. He is a good man and he’s done so much to bring people together. Veterans have a very special place in my heart, especially Nam vets because I grew up in the midst of all that chaos. I had a good friend in high school who lost her brother in that war and I’ll never forget it. They were horribly treated when they returned home and it still bothers me to this day. I have a friend who was a paratrooper in Viet Nam. They are all my brothers.
        I hope you see this Drake; I know you visit this site. Thank you for all you’ve done for us.
        live oak xxx

    • Hi Grig,

      Thanks for the thought-provoking info. The author’s perspective is interesting even if it is based on a linear projection of the present old-world, established controllers of money. BRICS alone presents many probabilities to drastically change this projection. This was a hard read and even more difficult to try and comprehend, but I have to admire the author’s effort, and his intelligence, humility and honesty in stating: “As hard as it may be to understand, it is even harder to write about it for the purpose of creating clarity. It hurts my head and I’m sure there will be mistakes or misinterpretations in how I both understand and explain certain aspects.”

  23. Robert in California

    September 10, 2014 at 12:21 am

    Neil, I have been following you for a short time and your mission has given me and others hope that we can pull through. Unfortunately, the feeling is that time is running short. Things are speeding up, the police state is taking over, the illegals are flowing in unabated and undeterred, and I fear we are just one false flag away from loosing our rights. I do not want a civil war, but it will happen if they are not stopped. I pray that you can move past the petty bickering and get on with the goal at hand. Giving them another 2 weeks is too long. Get the arrest warrants and ban them from flying!

  24. I just wanted to add my thoughts on what I see is happening on the internet now: every single brave one who, in their own way, is making a stand to fight for freedom and to put out some truth, is now experiencing extreme harassment and assault from cabal shills.

    These shills have now boosted up their attacks to high intensity. Yes, it is true that desperate men do desperate things. These strikes against the ones who stand up for us, make us aware of the atrocities being forced on this beautiful planet and its creatures, the ones who incite us to become awake to what’s going on, are being brutally assailed like never before. Every single one — Neil Keenan, Ben Fulford, David Wilcock, Drake Bailey, Dane Wigington, et al. These are the ones who have the courage to put their lives on the line to give us what they are able to give, to the best of their ability.

    When considering what these brave people are doing, I have to ask: who among us can claim that they have been perfect and accurate in all of their endeavors? Would we be better off without the ones who try their best to do good for mankind? No! Absolutely not.

    I ask you: “When have we let evil become stronger than us?”

    Now on to another issue that I’ve thought about often, Rumor Mill News. This site provides a mixed bag of info, and to be sure they post some gems, which reflect that they do have some intelligent and fair moderators. But it has been completely mystifying to me why they post items that are clearly from disinfo agents and shills. It’s hard enough to figure out what’s true these days without muddying the waters with even more crap, so why do they do it?

    Like what they post from David Crayford (aka Crayfish) who is with the OITC. It’s a known fact that OITC is completely bogus organization. Yet idiots solicit his responses and time and time again, there is not one single real thing that he says the OITC is doing for humanitarian purposes. Not one thing. To further kill this guy’s credibility, he supports Abundant Hope – ‘nuff said.

    By some coincidence I found out a connection here. It is only fair that I should make known the only reason I think Rumor Mill continues to post Crawford’s drivel — because Rayelan, the site’s owner, has a romantic interest in David Sale, a former principal of OITC. This is the only reason I can figure for her posting messages from Crayfish/OITC and others of his ilk, including IGOTS2NO.

    So in my own small way, I make a stand here against this evil and against those who try to keep us confused, misinformed and in the dark about what’s really happening out there. The more who stand up, the stronger we are.

  25. “BEIJING, September 10. /ITAR-TASS/. Russia and China are discussing setting up a system of interbank transactions which will become an analogue to International banking transaction system SWIFT”

    also related, which gives an interesting viewpoint of President Obamas policies paving the way towards taking down Cabal control:

  26. Billboard rented September – October, in NYC times square, depicting the controlled demolition of WTC 7 on 9/11.

  27. Here is live, on the ground footage, of the previously mentioned billboard in NYC’s times square depicting the WTC 7’s controlled demolition. Note the video was published on September 10, 2014 and the campaign is due to run through October of 2014. Here’s to hoping people are looking and waking up..

  28. And now they wait. No comment for days. No new post. What´s up, Keenan, what comes next!? Save us, Keenan, save us from impatience – these are the hopes of the hollow men and empty women…

    We have become a generation of strangers. Not cowards and numb ones in first place, but Pinky Floydy singers of High Hopes ringing the Bell of Division. Yeah, not cowards and numb ones, but poor ones in many regards, in words and imaginations, in love and patience, in our fear getting vulnerable. These are the children of love and pain and Eliot and narcissism and Nietzsche and Viagra and gold and heroes and weak hearts exposed to rage and strokes and neverending sweet dreams and disappointments…

    Keenan has never promised being a prophet, and I have lived long enough not to follow anyone, not even Keenan, but he has helped me waking up and understanding the German lie in all that mess we all are living in. In the same time such “Keenanology”, so to speak, helped me to find a deep love for my country while getting always tempted to hate myself as a German as expressed in Henry Morgenthau´s genuine plan, payed by the US who also payed Hitler as well as the Bolsheviks. This revelation has come to me by Keenan, and it started a change in my life. And even as theologian and philosopher I found a new relation to Jesus Christ and his bold teachings through the ignition of Mr Keenan.

    For this reason I feel free to love Jean Haines without caring about Mr Keenen, and on the other hand I love Neil Keenan for the deep inspiration he has introduced to me. That´s why I come here and feel myself close to him and his and our work. I expect nothing from him, but from myself in getting a human of love, patience, courage and understanding, which is fairly enough for a life time. Keenan is doing his job, I do mine as good a s we can and as inspired as we feel. The rest depends on God´s grace. And if I´m needed – I´m ready to see.

    Greetings from Germany!

    • Thanks for your kind and wise words, Tertiusgaudens. You can actually be quite happy that it’s quiet — the man is busy and I do mean BUSY!

  29. The real meaning of Aristotle, student of Platon and by no means his successor, but his denier, and his 12 books can be seen after 2000 years of influence:

    the world has become a matter of THINGS, DEFNITIONS, LANGUAGE, MATHEMATIKS, EQUATIONS;

    similarly, TRUTH is only considered senseful in term of THINGS, REIFICATION and substantial so called evidences.

    Since Aristotle the world, including mental and soul happenings of humans living in thie world, basic ontological frames (or let me say: basic references from God, the creator himself) are only understood in more or less Arisrotelian manner as described above. Thus world and life, truth and reality, God and divine attributes have become THINGS, and THING life in a THING world has no sense and meaning apart from THING thinking and THING perception. And freedom is only derived from a material world and reality, a THING reality…

    The real truth is more than different: all THING connotations have made this world an inhuman place and humans polarized and polarising THING entities. We must DO nad WORK and ACHIEVE and BEG and EARN and ASK, always and from our deep understanding, which is btw STAND UNDER. And thus we have deep difficulties apprehending truth beyond of any THING and THING APPREHENSION.

    The real truth is: We are born from FREEDOM into FREEDOM among FREEDOM, because we are an expression of God´s will and love. And the deepest essence of freedom is this: All life and love and trust and whatever life and world expression can fail! Freedom is: all can fail! Freedom is living as if! It is looking beyond any material THING understanding. It is the comprehension of coming from God – directly and without any detour…

    And freedom is also the deepest cause of exceeding boundaries and overstepping silly THING constructs. It is silence in noise and a word among prattle. Freedom is the ability to say YES among choices. And because I am free and always had been, I chose freedom, and because I chose freedom, I broke free from any illusion of achievement and material permission: there is no need for any, for I am free – right here and right now, even if I schould die this very night…

    I followed Drake ad Neil for a long time and listened countless hours to the gentlemen from the beginning. But in that time I found my freedom despite living a tough and very simple life. Tell both men I´m glad they crossed my path! I lost people who now ridicule me having them told of you. But I woke up and found my freedom. And that, I guess, is a great wonder in a THING world, more valuable than all gold in the universe…

    Greetings from Germany!

  30. I have been following you and your team since i came across Financial Tyranny
    on Divine Cosmos. I Am totally fed up with the prats that profess to lead us.
    We seem to be here only to be used and abused by them and ignored as being
    of no consequence. We are of consequence and we all deserve much, much better
    than we have been getting. I live in Ireland, the North and have experienced at first
    hand the duplicitous nature of our rulers(?!). I hope that you and your team bury
    these obnoxious brats deep in the shit that they belong in. Best wishes and thank you for giving this man something to look forward to in the future. Best wishes and God Bless you all .

    • When we refuse to give our personal sovereignty away & stand strong with We The People, we will never be victims! Instead, we can choose to be co-creators of new paradigms…more effective ways of being & cooperating. Solutions, rather than blaming & hand-wringing, are the ONLY alternative. We must first release the paralyzingly effects of fear & the operant conditioning of “sheep-like behavior”. Neil & his loyal team are striving for what some may think of as unfathionable, but their courage & willpower in the face of great odds should inspire us to also be courageous activists ourselves in whatever way is available to us…We CAN change the course of history!

      • Thank you, Jeanne, for your strong, championing words. If we don’t believe it’s possible, then it’s not. No fear here!

  31. Hey – we’re worried – 2 weeks no news ??

  32. Wow because this is great job! Congrats and keep it up

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