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Does Anyone Really Know
What Time It Is?

This is a time where everyone seems to be fighting for position, if they ever had one to begin with. You can see the desperation in what they write and how it simply holds no rhyme or reason why there. Yet it is!

Neil’s latest post mostly stands to correct some matters that have been tossed out there as fact and add a little to what has happened that barely has been touched but is real. He has lost quite a bit of time with some ailments he incurred while in Asia, with some not only lingering but clinging on – and biting him as though they would never let go.

But let’s not forget that Neil is the biter here and he usually finds his way through the maladies they have tossed at him. This one is no different! Dr. Group is just a stone’s throw away when Neil gets whacked with something – and as usual he came through with flying colors and got the meds to Neil right before things could take a turn for the worse.

Gracias Sr. Group! First and foremost one only has to look and do a bit of homework on the New York Agreement (where the Dutch were duped by the Americans and Indonesians) and you will understand the past leading to the present.

Let’s face it the Indonesians are not happy with their agreement with Freeport McMoRan and have decided to take their deal elsewhere, and what better place than the nation that was shafted by the US – The Netherlands?

Why would President Jokowi ever meet with the P2 Lodge, an organization that Benjamin is familiar with? – The P2 Lodge was never involved in governmental agreements and is in fact part of the Western Cabal!

Why would the Vatican be involved in this matter other than the fact Ben is always favorably speaking of the Black Pope (surely not our Pope) and I am speaking of the fake Pope named Francis? I could speak on this for some time but it is best just to state what is real and that is Jokowi is leveraging his nations position and rightfully so by bringing this package around to the Dutch.

If the Dutch offer a better deal for the Indonesian Government and people it should belong to them or any other concern that raises the stakes henceforth providing Indonesia with a stronger return on its offering; especially in West Papua.

Related: Jakarta unhappy with Freeport divestment offer

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Secondly, people are popping up from every nook and cranny, all Cabal – in support of anyone but Trump. Imagine that for years everyone wondered who these slimy snakes were and well, now you know.

Just watch any Primary debate and you have them pegged. Going further it seems as though Ted Cruz lied one too many times, The National Enquirer caught up with him and now that his wife and her business has been exposed, we all know TED is included in their package. He is NWO! She is as well. She is a member of the CFR and was involved with Goldman Sachs.

Nice girl, just the kind you want to bring home to Mommy. Then again with Ted’s shenanigans recently surfacing, you are most likely getting a close look at their dysfunctional relationship. Would this extend to the White House?

Would we have another Whoop de doo affair similar to what we have with Obama and his transgender other? Then we have another new fake taking the place of the old fake this time, by the name of Kamaran Abdul Rakim Faily. Faily claims he is a consultant to the Royal Families but forgets to tell you that he speaks of the Western Royal Families if any at all – and he is Cabal himself.

Faily tells you how according to the Bretton woods agreement the assets are still in control of the Global accounts? Hahahah – Impossible seeing the East who owns as depositors (in the BIS) the majority of the Global Accounts, and have never participated in any such fraudulent agreement from the date of signature.

Before the contracts were dry the West was up to their old ways and hijacked the financial system not for the first time but the second. He tosses in the Vatican and the Committee of 300 and what do you get? The same old Smorgasbord you had for more than 60 years.

Simply bullshit and remember this joker as the (real) family called him (other name for a clown) wants you to call him and offer your bunker trunks to him, should you be an ELDER?

What he does not tell you is that the West has defrauded not only the depositors of the assets but also the people of this planet that were supposed to receive humanitarian projects with this investment. The only ones who made money or did projects with said assets are those we call the ‘1 Percenters’.

Not anyone else and most assuredly not you!

The Cabals’ days are numbered.

No thank you Mr. Faily we do not wish to feed your alleged friends any longer. In matter of fact we want them the hell out of our country. Tell your friends George and Hank and the many others that they need to look for another cash cow and get out of Dodge before our New President or the K Group skewers their asses – as they have done to us for who knows how many years.

The Brussels Airport is all about the RV’s which were supposed to be opened this past week. Because of the disruption the RV’s are still closed.

The historical assets will be redeemed soon after. A new date is being set. I wonder why Faily did not know this seeing, after all, he is the Western Royal Family consultant (according to him)? Then again we have many names emanating out of the Philippines. Many tied into the White Spiritual Boy attempting to make claim to the assets.

I wonder what happened to the Boy who allegedly controlled so many of the world’s assets? Faily mentions the Committee of 300 but never the Spiritual White Boy or actually 1 of 5 of them! There are actually 5.

Not a one of them is the real Anthony Martin who passed away years ago. You see, when you control a system like the West you can do anything you want and people can be seen as something they are not.

Our system is inundated with such people and you will never know unless someone exposes them. In other words you could be sleeping with the Devil without knowing it.

The system is crashing down hard alongside them at this moment. We can chat all day about such things but the real issue is to open our eyes and get things done. Not to allow them to do such hateful things to us with immunity.

It begins and ends with who we put in office and should one take a close look at who is running there is only one option and whether you like it or not this is our “only choice”. Be smart, be diligent and be cautious because your lives depend upon it!

On the other hand pray that we get our job done and tighten up their financial purses.  Once we acquire our financing “the responsibility for this is on us!”  So let it be..

And thank you again to Jo and Nelu for holding the fort!

Group K.





Chicago – Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?


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  1. Does anyone really have the time?

    • Teresa Bradley

      March 29, 2016 at 1:43 pm

      Neil ~ I am a former “Miss Rhode Island” , Grand Talent Winner in Miss America from East Greenwich. Hope you are feeling better. Regarding the ‘Chemtrail’ ban, thank you for the info. The Congress of Rhode Island finally did something positive for the people & I agree that Trump is our only hope. I have been following your progress since the beginning of your journey & pray for you & America against the cabal who have clearly exposed who they are. Thank you for your sacrifices for humanity. You honor our state & country. You are our modern day Roger Williams & George Washington. We pray for you & Donald Trump. that God uses you to “Make America Great Again”.

      • Thank you Theresa and yes I am humbled by your comments…For the first time I am not able to speak…Thank you and thanks be to those in Rhode Island who have awakened. Love you all

  2. JB Brown/Great Gramy J

    March 28, 2016 at 12:59 pm

    First, may I say I’m happy 2 hear Neil is feeling better. And, again, thanks 4 all U all have done & are doing 2 try 2 help humanity. And, again, I wish 2 mention Trumps grandbaby was born yesterday; on Easter! And, MY life says there is no such thing as a coincidence. Coincidence means: coinciding with. MY life says The Great Spirit has a reason 4 all things! May The Great Spirit bless U & Ur loved ones & this planet & beyond. Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J.

  3. I hope mr. trump can stop the vote rigging. I wish I knew how to contact your doctor. my wife has a serious condition. I still don’t think the American people have a clue. beware the filthy Zionists they will try anything and think they have the absolute right to do it. much good luck, and may god bless you and yours.

  4. JB Brown/Great Gramy J

    March 28, 2016 at 1:41 pm

    I’m gonna keep right on misbehavin Mr. Neil Keenan! lol 🙂 Love ya!

    Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J …….

  5. Hey Neil! Just wondering if Mr. T[rump] is going to flip to the zionazis because of his son-in-law? It SEEMS like his AIPAC speech was a ruse to help him get past that gate. But I didn’t feel the aggressive “support” from him that our favorite mind control woman screeched at AIPAC. Just curious about your take on the Israhell thing and Mr T. Thanks. Jonn Brown (not the same person as JB Brown)

    • JB Brown/Great Gramy J

      March 28, 2016 at 2:22 pm

      Hello Mr. Jonn Brown. This is JB Brown/Great Gramy J ………….. I also 4 a brief moment wondered when I hear Trump speak at AIPAC. But, I believe he is the one & IT would make sense 2 support The Jewish People & not support The EVIL Zionists; just like I believe Trump supports The American People but does not support The EVIL Establishment. Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J <3

    • Never know what anyone is going t do but Trump really wants to make America great again…He knows what is going on so don’t think he is a neophyte and knows nothing. He literally has them fighting each other and this is not a bad thing. On top of all this take a good look at the others and tell me who are we going to vote for and if not Trump then who? The others are just waiting to continue on the Obama onslaught.

      • Neil – thanks for the response. Indeed – there is NO OTHER than Mr. T within the group thrown at us. I have a pretty good feeling about it – especially when he squeaked by in our Missouri home state. The “show-me” people who did not vote for Mr. T will now just have to wait for the convention. That is gonna be amazing.

      • We definitely need someone in the ‘big’ White ‘House’ with a huge broom to clean it out. That would be Trump. No holds barred.

        Happy to see you feeling better Neil.

    • Faithful Servant

      April 1, 2016 at 5:50 am

      John Brown, it’s called “entrainment”. It’s a powerful political tool to basically get people to agree with things that they normally wouldn’t. Look into it, it’s a wicked tool a lot of politicians use in their campaigns. The television has been using entrainment since it was created for the public. Scary stuff if you don’t know it’s there.
      Take care

  6. I hope Neil’s doctor is heavily armed, because the trend we see in the USA is telling me that a lot of alternative doctors are being targeted.

    if the RV was supposed to go down last week we are certainly closer than I thought! it seems then that the cabal are panicking and pulling false flags without enough preparation to cover their tracks.
    I hope the new date is close as well and unknown to the cabal so they won’t have enough time to do anything again.
    I would not give a false flags the credibility to disrupting people’s psychology in the future, i feel like we have gotten to a point where the shock effect has become hollow and people instead turn to figuring out how these attacks are organized and who is backing and facilitating the attackers and what it is intended to achieve for people in power.

    I agree that out of all the well known candidates in the public’s eye trump might be the only real chance for positive change.
    the candidate I have been looking at who is a whistle blower from the cia (Andrew D. Basiago) has not gotten enough traction to have a real chance so far and we shouldn’t waste votes and lose and opportunity when we have one. it’s a risk who ever you vote for and just voting in an election where those who employ the vote counters want to have their own establishment candidates feels slightly depressing I can imagine.
    everywhere in nato countries the political control is secured one way or the other to be under the banks or international organizations. so when we have a new economy the power structure will loose its grip I hope.

    be in good health all!

    • thanks Mr. Keenan & group k. ironically on dinar recaps a mysterious person called ‘Dr. Clarke’ proudly called it in the beginning of March that 3/22 was to be the ‘date’ of the RV… unless their was a life changing event or disruption as he/she puts it. then he said 6/06/16 was the next date that would stand out. hmm. ok. don’t like the looks of that. It gives me the creeps that he knew the 22nd was a significant day. could he be Richard Clarke, former Bush employee that wanted to call Bush out on the twin towers attacks? huh. weird stuff.

      • here is that first article I was referring to. can’t find the follow up:

        • I just don’t get how ab event involving people dying in a blast can cause the postponement of a regulation in another country’s currency.

          why is it that the only times lives matter on this planet ( in the international community and in the political / financial world ) is when the crooks need them to matter for political purposes….

          all lives matter and a lot of people are dying everyday due to wars being waged from the cabal on everybody…

          • The reason you don’t get it is because that information is above our pay grade. However, the shift in the global banking system is paramount, and nations waiting to be restored are just part of the process despite being supposedly sovereign.

            • maybe it has to do with birth certificates…. but I really hope that this system will collapse soon so we can have a fresh free start.

              • Faithful Servant

                April 1, 2016 at 5:59 am

                The BC is where it begins. Try becoming a sovereign in America. It’s possible, but extremely difficult and basically alienates you from your community. At best, you have true freedom, at worst, those who don’t want you to be sovereign, take your life, because you’re no longer an asset to the Queen/Vatican, you are now a liability, who may teach others to become sovereign. That just can’t happen. The true escape, starts with the parents not getting a BC for their new born and then spending a life time educating that child(ren) how to live outside the evil system of slavery we’ve all fallen victim to. Take care

  7. My comment will have nothing to do with the humanitarian Funds or Bunkers.
    The main concern at this point is your health and well being. I know you don’t like to be told Mr Neil Keenan, BUT today I’m telling you to listen to a very simple way to get your body to start healing itself.

    I’ll start be telling you about me using myself as the ginny pig on health as you use yourself as the ginny pig to help everyone else because you know the wrong in this world. Myself I took a fall 18 ft to my knees over 10 years ago I messed up 3 disk in my lower back 2 in my upper pinched nerves and cyatic nerves in my hips.
    Just a wonderful world to live in accute to severe pain 24/7.

    Poison wise I lived a life of the big pharma since my tumble. I was a walking toxic waste. I took muscle relaxer in a day that most people take in a month, yes most are at 5ml a day I was at 300ml a day. Morphine to a point it would knock a horse out, Opium I was to a point I was prescribed more in a day than people take in a week. These were all 3 at a time. You get the point of where I’m going with this.

    Today I don’t even take 1 asperin, I am pain free it’s been months I got my live back. Now come to toxic poison them bastards are trying to kill you with. GOD bless your herbal Doctor. Now I will tell you about your PH level in your body which at first had me a little sceptic but being the person whom needs to always know I dove into this Dr Keshe, yes I know when you lisen to him you wonder if he even comes from our planet but after a year or so of watching and learning his ways he puts Einstein in kinder garden.

    Back to PH levels in your body My body was registering a +32 Ph which basicly means I was in cancer mode. 1 small glass of distilled water at -50 Ph level brought my electrolites to alkyline to bring my body to heal itself instantly from toxins. One little vile with c02 gans dropped in a glass of water for 2 to 3 hrs brings the PH level to -50 which is called healing water. The energy in me and feeling great is out of this world. I have been giving this know how to everyone
    I know. Contact your Herbal Dr and also Dr Keshe ask them about your PH level
    and you will be amazed.

    I care about you finishing your chase that you love so much to do, but most of all you living man many more years to enjoy your greatful treasures that are to come.

    Best Regards Charles

    • Compassionate One

      March 28, 2016 at 7:58 pm

      Charles, thank you for your sincerity in caring, as I sense many of us feel, about Neil’s health and well-being. He has endured above and beyond what most humans will ever begin to face. His tenacity and courage under fire are examples of the true Warrior that he embodies.

      While the financing is utmost in moving forward, my heart goes out to Neil with my prayers for the best of health. Neil, you deserve not only good health, but also the very best Life has to offer when you finish your God-given mission on behalf of humanity…

      With deepest respect for ALL you do…God bless you!

    • I may be a noob in this ph health arena, but as I understand it alkaline is the best condition and the ph scale goes from 0 to 14 where 14 is extremely alkaline?
      humans should be naturally at 7.4 ca. and drinking alkaline water at ph 8 – 12 is recommended for sick people?

      it’s just the numbers you mention I don’t get.

      • It’s really quite simple. And the man that discovered cancer also gave us the cure.

        Cancer (as with most diseases) CANNOT exist in an alkaline environment. If your system becomes too acidic, problems occur.

        You might want to look up Jim Humble and MMS. It is highly alkaline and will cure just about any ailment, including stage 4 cancer in two weeks.

        Tens of thousands of testimonies from around the world over the last decade…

        • thank you, looked him up. between this and the fourth phase of water there is a lot to get started with at home.

        • I did not cure my heartburn but it is under control by drinking alkaline water. You can make your own or just drink Crazy water #4 which is what I do. Google Crazy Water and read all about mineral wells tx and for 2 years now I have warned this company and the locals to beware of the friggin frackers and protect the gift of the water wells there. I wonder sometimes if people have lost sight of what sustains life on this planet. Corporate lunatics like Nestle CEO claiming that water should be privatized are walking around free and should be in a padded cell with Gates and his depopulation agenda via vaccines.

          I googled MMS Jim Humble and found some controversies with chlorine dioxide in his product. Deserves research before ever using it so I stick to my Crazy water it has an awesome track record for me. P.S. Post author it was never my intent to question you at all we are all in this together. Here are the 2 links I read that alarmed me on the product.


          P.S.S. Personally I do not know jack about chemistry just saying!

          PJ wants Peace

      • Simple actually if you are high in toxins a simple elevation of PH level of 40 to 50 will boost electrolites on your body to an extreme toxin cleans out of all internal functions. One needs to remember to drink lots of water because your digestive system will be over loaded with toxin that need to be removed.

        Co2 gans plasma in a little sealed glass or clear plastic vile even chlorinated or Floride will be neutralized in minutes and within 2to3 hrs the PH level will be alkaline to 40 to 50. That cup of water is called the healing water, you will actually feel the energy instantly and within 2 days your PH is back to normal.

        A voltage meter set to diod with red positive between thumb and finger,black negative between thumb and finger will give you you PH instantly anything above 0. Is to much acidity, .0 meaning minus will be alkaline
        Hope this helped

        Best regards Charles

        • I understand it better now, the voltage meter measure like this.
          but I will have to look at the 40 to 50 range ph level in relation to some other measurements than I’m used to.
          is the level of electrolytes mostly related to the ph level of water, the electrical charge of water or nutrients?

          I hope raising your ph level will be easy in the future…. adding products to your water always seem like a risk to me.

          thank you for the info 🙂

          • The vile of c02 gans is sealed with it’s cover so you are actualy not adding anything to your water. Ex: Since sept 2015 I have made c02 gans it’s plasma as we have in our bodies and what the sun generates without it we’re all dead. Well this c02 plasma generates 1.34 volts continously no matter the amount used. Now in a cup or glass of water you just put the sealed vile of c02 gans into glass. Instantly the c02 plasma kills all chemicals and bacteria within 30 min at water PH level 13+ acidity to .04 to .07 alkiline. Reason big pharma makes so much money is by slowly killing you with floride and chlorine poisoned water. It’s your whole family even new born infants. Do you want me to be nice about it, sorry on this part I can’t. You either gonna get killed by the Cabal or if not it’s gonna be organ faillure or cancer you choose. Just need to make an effort to drink clean water and ohhhhhhhh yes rid this world of parasites amongs us.

            If you can put a piece of bread in a toaster, butter it, eat it. Anyone can make c02 gans.

            Best regards Charles

  8. The sad thing about this goings on in the US as become soo freaking sad. Trumps campaing has become like watching smut news on TV. Everyone as been brain washed on a soap opera on TV anout this dick head CRUZ while in the back ground the Bush,Hillary and Soros cartel is planning Trumps demize under their noses. Just sad to watch, what’s need is mercenaries to put an end to this racket of Kazarian Mafia.


    • Dear Charles, have you heard of Andrew D. Basiago? It is really worthwhile to check him out, I did quite some research on him and he really seems a very good candidate for being President of America.

  9. Hi Neil, Glad you’re feeling better. Sock it to ’em! Just posted a correction about the legislation you mentioned in your vid. Unfortunately it has not passed yet. It was introduced last year and sent for further study then reintroduced again this year and was AGAIN sent for further study. The Representative that introduced the bill both times was Rep. Karen MacBeth. Here are details about the bill and a website to go to for anyone who would like to find out more about the bill by contacting those folks who wrote and introduced it. Those from RI, please call and write with your support for the bill, eh???!! Thanks! Big Kudos for Rhode Island Rep: Karen MacBeth for introducing it twice. Batter up again next year for a home run this time, I hope!
    Here are the details about the bill:
    “House Bill No. 7578
    BY MacBeth, Price
    ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO HEALTH AND SAFETY — GEOENGINEERING (Defines and limits the use of solar radiation management climate geoengineering in the state.)
    02/11/2016 Introduced, referred to House Environment and Natural Resources
    02/19/2016 Scheduled for hearing and/or consideration (02/25/2016)
    02/25/2016 Committee recommended measure be held for further study”

  10. All of these conversations are very cryptic to me as I am not informed enough. I am very concerned about the evil I see in WA and I believe T can do some damage. Do you think we are in for a EMP here on US soil

  11. Thanks Neil, Good to hear from you. Some of us are telling all we can of NESARA.
    to wake enough people. Slowly getting a better response instead of the 3 eye stare.
    I’m in NW Pa. if we can help, Hope you had a great Holy Day, Good Luck, God Bless

  12. Awesome news! The SW is moving stateside! Woohoo! Hope everyone is ready for the STHTF! Thank you, thank you, Neil and Team K! And thank you, Dr Group! God bless!

  13. How does “The Brussels Airport is all about the RV’s which were supposed to be opened this past week. Because of the disruption the RV’s are still closed”
    Affect the RV? not the Boom but the location? I can not connect the dots?

  14. Request for clarification.

    Neil, you comment: “The Brussels Airport is all about the RV’s which were supposed to be opened this past week. Because of the disruption the RV’s are still closed.”

    (1) What does RV mean?
    (2) Which specific RV’s are involved?
    (3) When will the RVs now be opened?

    Thank you to you, and your team, for all the good work.

  15. Dear Neil,

    Thank you for the update. There was a “reverse speech” analysis done on Trump, by a gentleman in Australia.(

    He (Trump) is authentic and ernest. The real deal. The same reverse speech was done on the fake pope, sitting puppet of these states, and Lady McBeth. (Metaphors used here). There were vile and terrible things said. Most revealing when you hear what people say in reverse.

    I don’t know if anyone believes in it, but I did not until I heard it.

    Gratitude to you and your entire team for everything you do.
    Good Luck,
    God Bless.

  16. In the prophets if Hillary is elected she is called the scarlett whore which will control the world for a 1000 years of hell and slavery. That 1000th year comes to day, the day they make that person the U.S President!!! So Wake Up People.
    If you wonder on how this Cabal gets these migrants to commit such horrible crimes, you need not do much research. They are called the children of the dead, they are sent to avenge in Gods names the wrong that has been done to his people. The children for decades that have watched countries just come over and kill their entire families abolish their homes and if that was not bad enough! Left behind like if they were maggots to starve to death or eat garbage. WELL them children are now grown men and the endless killings keep going on and on.
    Now in the millions that are men in Gods name are here to avenge the dead, Their lost families. Is this scaring!! you bet your freaking boots it’s gonna be scary.
    They are going to make the little wars in the middle east look like kinder garden compared to the massacre they are bringing to us.
    Sorry but I can’t try to warn you anymore than what I have just said. Get on your knees and ask our creator for forgiveness now and for crying out loud. Forget about this Cruz!!! Concentrate on the Soros Bush Clinton that are in the back ground laughing at all of you as they will kill or have Trump fail. Rise up and fight for your lives no matter what it takes. They have been commiting genocide for decades, do you think they care if YOU live or die. To them you are nothing but a breathing waste of their oxygen.


  17. I was Born Easter Sunday March 26 1967

    Since I was able to talk, I never believed in religion of any kind except the heavens and our Mother Earth. I respect and talk to all creations. My saying when I usualy say something is, mark it down so you don’t forget when it happens. Yes Neil your pen will be mighter than any sword and I’m so greatful that you will never steer away for the Greater of Human Kind.
    If you all want to know what heaven looks like just open your eyes. you live in heaven now, you have been thought to believe the grass is greener on the other side of the fence when actualy its all inner connected in the roots and vines like we are as humans. This is my last comment on this site, for I have many other souls to bring joy to. See you all soon when this heaven on earth as no more lines like fences saying this is mine and that is yours Mother Nature and our Creator never set lines to hold anyone back.

    Group K stay honest to yourselves and you’ll never need luck, because togetherness can move mountains.

    All this from a man that never went to school most of the time and kept getting graded to pass the next year, because my parents were told he is to smart to fail,told I could be whatever I wanted to be.I wanted to be free. I walked out in grade 5 to be a lumber jack with my Dad. Watch my Dad share his food with animals as we sat in the woods. My Grand Father who had a moose and a deer like you have a cat or dog, but never tied or held back in a house, these animals came and went just like a friend coming to say hi. Owned my own business until I got injured. Never cared for money it just brings hate and what we see today. Freedom is excepting the wrong we have all turned our blind eyes to the creators creation the CHILDREN and until you find it in yourself to ask forgiveness to these children, now turned into men some call terrorist who actually really terrorized who, no one will have any FREEDOM. Love in kindness like you have never LOVED before, open your hearts to the broken ones so they can start to heal and they can learn to LOVE again. If you only knew how much aching their souls are in need of LOVE!!

    Love you all Charles

    • I will try to follow your advice on the water and sharing.

      be well and spread alkaline goodness everywhere you go 🙂

  18. Neil,
    It’s so good to hear from you and know you’re alright. Thank you one and all for this recent update. I don’t know what I’d do if anything happened to any of you.
    Great news about Rhode Island! Now if the other states would follow their lead. Thank you for all your hard work. I feel like we’re almost there.
    I keep all of you close in prayer. God Bless You Neil and Team K!
    live oak xxx

    Neil, I am a BIG fan of Dr. Group. He is a good man and his company is top notch. I particularly like the detox foot pads. I’ve used them several times to get the thimerisol out of my body from all the subcutaneous tb tests I was required to take for employment as an RN. Thimerisol is a mercury derivative preservative used in all vaccines. I’d like to do another cleansing soon. Dr. Group’s staff is wonderful.

  19. This a compiled list of links that are important to know about that relates to Turkish President Erdogan and Obama. The recent actions of Erdogan equal his words that democracy and freedom no longer has any value. The opening of America’s largest mosque complex, officially known as Turkish-American Culture and Civilization Center, was built with Turkish funding under the supervision of the Turkish religious foundation (Diyanet). The $100 million mega mosque in Lanham, Maryland, will soon be open for Muslim worshipers in the Washington, DC area, as their link shows: “Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdoğan and US President Barack Obama are expected to open the mosque.”

    Link 1

    Link 2

    And the map of the location has 2 entrances from Elvis Lane (sorry Elvis!) and 1 entrance from intersecting 100th ave and Good Luck Road. When you open the link close the box on the left to see Elvis Ln.

    Location on map

    Wonder what kind of relation Obama has with this insane terrorist state leader?

    I figured that one out pretty easy as a picture can speak volumes!

    Explanation without words

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