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[If you see them running, trip them.]

A message from an associate:

What is real? Is he dead or alive? Sick or well? Fiction or reality?

It is great to see that Neil is very real, very well and very much alive. Having followed him for many years it was invigorating to my soul when I saw his post about being on the mend, and very focused upon the real truth of what he and his team have uncovered over the last 10 plus years.

The fabric of the world we exist in is a detailed and elaborate piece of fiction, a mirage created by the New World Order, globalists and governments that are bent upon our subjugation and enslavement.

Thanks must go to Neil for what he has achieved and the risks he has taken. Given the blatant attempts on his life, the Khazarians must be worried, must be apprehensive – otherwise why have they been trying to kill him since he was elected Amanah?

And so a modern day hero is alive, and from what I gather, he is a very angry man. Good. Heroes should be angry. The Khazars and their lackies have to be rooted out and eliminated. The holes in their stories expose the lies we live through by their creation. Be angry Neil. Get rid of these scum and cast off the bonds of forced enslavement in our world.

Use their elaborate laws – that they change in a second, without basis or true legality – and trap them so that they can no longer continue. Take away their illegal access to funds that are under your control and starve all of them and their families. Eliminate their existence and help humanity wake up to the truth. Good on you Neil!

No one has made it this close to what you have been tasked to do, and many talk a good game, but the truth is – it takes a lot of bravery to fight against these scum. So I am sending you encouragement to keep fighting. Humanity does not appear to be helping you, which I cannot understand. Maybe they do not care, maybe they should not be saved.

But regardless, keep taking out those that legally have no right to take on roles of supreme power, telling us what and how to think, where and who to speak to; tracking us like commodities in where we go, what we earn and where we spend it. So far all they have done is mess this planet up.

But that is their plan. And free-thinking people like Neil have no role in their plans. He is pivotal in turning the tables, unmasking the entities of group-think with agendas that contain no logic. The World Economic Forum, the Vatican, the World Bank, the EU, the central banks around the world, and many others. The list is long, but be thorough and root them all out.

So all I can say is WELCOME BACK NEIL. Great to hear you are better than ever. With your team and others now by your side you will be able to kick them all a little bit harder. I have heard some of the names and can only say one thing: “WOW”‘. 

The Armada is ready to roll…

Good luck and please keep us up to date.



  1. Remember, remember the 5th of November. A timely post, indeed.

  2. A thoughtful, insightful and inspiring post by Craig, but I have different perspectives based on three of his statements:
    1)”Given the blatant attempts on his life, the Khazarians must be worried, must be apprehensive – otherwise why have they been trying to kill him since he was elected Amanah?”
    Neil Keenan was elected Amanah by the Indonesian Elders in 2018, but the Khazarians have attempted to assassinate Neil since 2009–especially when he filed his 2011 Trillion Dollar Lawsuit. The past 12 years of assassination attempts have been far beyond his nine lives, but he’s spiritually protected from the Cabal’s dark forces. 2) “Humanity does not appear to be helping you, which I cannot understand. Maybe they do not care, maybe they should not be saved.” Neil Keenan has a global circle of friends and associates, as well as his Group K team and a loyal following who care. Some have even lost their lives in their faithful support of Neil and others are fearful for their own lives and their family. Group K followers and Humanity need to be saved, while the Cabal will be dealt with accordingly. 3) “So all I can say is WELCOME BACK NEIL. Great to hear you are better than ever. ”
    As Amanah, Neil Keenan has never left nor Group K to be WELCOMED BACK–Neil has been in a super stealth mode while actively pursuing the Cabal and securing the GCA Bunkers and Accounts. After continuous global prayers, Neil has fully recovered from a suspicious (not COVID-19) death defying illness, which he’s grateful to the Angelic Pharmacists who provided him with miraculous Ivermectin; He didn’t skip a beat in performing his Amanah role as Trustee of the Global Collateral Accounts as he doesn’t need to be physically located in Indonesia except to open the Bunkers.
    Amanah Neil Keenan’s mission has been fulfilled in the spiritual realm per the Asian and Indonesian Elders and he’s presently manifesting the opening of the Global Collateral Accounts, launching an Eastern Banking System of precious metal assets and establishing trading platforms separate from the corrupt western banking systems as its game over for the Cabal in our 3D-4D-5D realms.

    • Let it be known that I worked directly with Dr. Van De Meer. I worked with Mr. Keenan and the Doc until the very day of his demise.

      And here we have an interjection by an unknown who would purport to tell me what to do when the hard work has been long done, with not a lot remaining other than for Mr. Keenan to secure the necessary resources in order to neutralize the Khazarians.

      With all of the boring “getting in the way” over the years, what remained was obtaining the wherewithal to complete the next interim phase; whilst maintaining an insurance buffer of sorts, vis à vis any further potential annoyances.

      A belated interjection of advice at this point really does render as moot. The fundamentals have long been in place.

      It is my belief in knowing Mr. Keenan, that he went into seclusion because there remained only insignificant agenda items for him to address, other than to bring matters to their conclusion in Asia, knowing that the West were simply indulging in blowing their own horns, when in actuality they held no role in proceedings of any consequence.

      So, if you consider yourself to be in a position to encourage a move based upon wisdom, demand that “they” cease tooting their own horns, and remind “them” that they are practically impotent, and that nothing will move ahead in any meaningful fashion without Mr. Keenan’s assistance.

      It would be humorous to see what you might offer by way of a response to this.

      In all seriousness though, and to be prudent, I would counsel you not to stray beyond the boundaries of your competency.


      • A Friend of Neil's

        November 18, 2021 at 3:29 am

        Craig, having personally witnessed over many the extra-ordinary courage & wise business acumen of Neil Keenan, I am in complete agreement with your astute observations & personal knowledge of Neil! Thank you for sharing!

      • Thank you Craig for your continued support of Neil and his mission,
        I pray for the day when Neil has accomplished all he and the K Team wished for.
        — God Bless you all. —

      • Sir,

        I have followed Neil as many others have for years now, and we’ve been led to believe in all seriousness of the matter that ‘the time has come.’ However, it seems to me as an American (your use of ‘whilst’ seems English), that the level of corruption within the US with the recent events of Covid-19, population lockdowns, economic calamities, forced vaccinations, and the stolen election in 2020, the world as we know it differs greatly from the more recent status quo.

        The ongoing trial of Ms. Maxwell seems but the tip of the iceberg on a global scale of a concerted effort to conceal the atrocities and their crimes against humanity far more grotesque than we might imagine, while others are witnesses themselves to these atrocities reaching the highest pinnacles of the global elites and those who now resort to the basest of means to retain their control and threaten the lives of us who want no part of their satanic agenda.

        The level of desperation to which the masses are subjected to threats and intimidation has left the world in a state of uprising where the rulers no longer have the consent of the governed as the emergence of an awakened public will no longer comply and do as we’re told.

        Neil told us that he will not cooperate with the likes of Biden and his backers, the ramifications are far greater than ‘insignificant agenda items’ that prevent a concluding implementation of Mr. Keenan’s goal as Amanah. It seems to me this is a struggle of spiritual forces with far greater ramifications than taking out the pesky Khazarians.

        We’ve got a fake president, a fake pope, fake news, and phony money in a propped up system built upon lies, corruption, theft, and other far more serious offenses that cry out to Heaven for vengeance. We’ve also got a lot of good, hard working people who care for their fellow man and ‘the least of our brethren’ in every nation on earth who believe in the Providence of a better world.

        I come to the site often looking for something from Neil, and when there is nothing new, I’m not discouraged, I just tell myself “Neil’s busy or he would have posted something by now.”

        Best Wishes this Holiday Season, Craig!

  3. As the Amanah, you know how this all comes crashing down. It was a great celebration when you became Amanah, and it will be a great celebration when all this comes to fruition. Thank you for your work!

  4. Good to hear this and glad Neil is fighting fit again.
    We need you Neil. Yes we are learning to be self- Reliant but we need help.
    Than you for all you are doing.
    Siobhan O’Brien

  5. Yes I too was delighted to see that Neil is still going strong, he’s as tough as old boots and his commitment is to be envied. An unsung Hero – alongside all this who work with him.

    God Bless you all, and may the fruits of all your hard work soon be seen and felt!

  6. Remember 11
    Remember 911
    Remember the deception
    The failure of all government and justices
    To tell the truth
    Remember the war to end all wars was a lie
    Remember that those battles cost lives
    Remember the truth
    It’s about the money and it’s control over
    Always remember

  7. Wow I remember some years back finding out about your quest and followed. I cannot believe we are near the end and feel fortunate to have witnessed the struggles you and your team went thru only to come out victorious. Way to go Neil. I told some and no one believed you could do it. Jokes on them. Love you my friend…Perry… Providence RI

  8. Dear Mr Keenan, wishing you strength and good health. Thank you for everything you have done and endured. May God bless and protect you, your family, and your team. You are in my thoughts and prayers 🙏❤✝️

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