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BRT ‘Healing Computer’
KILLS Corona Virus

We now have first case confirmation that the BRT (Bio-Resonance Therapy) Healing Computer DESTROYS the Corona Virus.

No need for harmful vaccines. No need for quarantines and isolations. No need to worry.

And for the elderly who are at the most risk, the BRT ‘Healing Computer’ will boost your immune system immediately. AND at the same time, the healing sessions will identify and provide healing frequencies to treat the ailments that may be afflicting the individual.

This is the testimony of Jonathan from Atlanta, Georgia whose doctor told him that he had a “strange virus”.

“My wife and I were constantly suffering from one ailment or another. She would get the flu and pass it to me while I would be suffering from a bout of itchy psoriasis. We tried antibiotics, vitamins, herbals and a cabinet full of pills but nothing was working. Our immune systems were shot.

My doctor tested everything. He found that I was suffering from an unusual viral lung infection. This virus belonged to the same family as the corona virus, perhaps an earlier man-made version possibly under a population testing program (who knows?) But my wife and I were suffering.

A close friend heard about my problems and introduced me to a woman (a former matron nurse) who had 2 BRT Healing Computers and was conducting sessions for family and close friends. My friend had been treated several times and swore that it had made him much better. So he arranged for me and my wife to have a healing session.

Of course you already know that the sessions were fantastic. The strange nasty virus was knocked completely out with just a couple of sessions!

My wife and I were so happy with this therapy that we bought our very own BRT Healing Computer and we have been using it 3 times a week religiously. I haven’t had a cold or flu for years. My psoriasis is gone.

My immune system is fully charged as is my chakras. I am energized and on the treadmill daily and I have lost 50 unwanted pounds. And Neil couldn’t recognize my voice because it was so much clearer without that darn virus in my throat.

And my wife is a picture of beauty in my eye all over again. She is healthier and more active than ever before. I have trouble keeping up with that little hurricane. Love it! She does too!

So, any of you out there suffering from the Corona Virus, there is a SOLUTION that is the BEST.

And even if you think that you are well, try to get on the machine as the diagnostic analysis and frequency treatment will boost your entire well-being. We DID and we love the results.”

– JW

Jonathan’s doctor subsequently confirmed that he was virus free and was amazed at the physical transformation of he and his wife, and Jonathan’s old medicine cabinet is now bare.

Please understand that the BRT Healing Computer “does not cure you”. You heal yourself. Bio-resonance provides the healthy tissue frequencies that allow your body to heal itself while at the same time eliminating viruses, bacteria, fungal infections and killing known parasites so that these intruders can be eliminated from your body.

The BRT Healing Computer Generation 3 is the state-of-the-art in frequency healing devices. It is the best that there is.


All this hype and drama will be over soon. We HAVE THE BEST SOLUTION NOW.

If you are interested in treatment or owning a BRT ‘Healing Computer’, please send any purchase enquiries [and treatment enquires except for North America] to:


Please send any treatment enquiries for North America to:

The Launching Price for the Generation 3 BRT Healing Computer is (EU) €50,000 for the next 3 months only, so if you want the latest technology, please let us know and make a booking.

Be Healthy and the Best You Can BE


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  1. I love it!!
    Being a Philly sports fan, this quote says it all:

    Still praying for your victory,
    God bless the K-Group

  2. Thks. God bless. Long and healthy life.

  3. Seriously Amanah & the team come up nothing
    short of being totally amazing thanks for posting the facts..
    knew I could count on you 100%..let’s share them far & wide.
    Let’s help get this world cleaned up once & for all..
    less the real parasites that have caused all the problems.
    Here’s to Victory ahead..
    Highest love & light always with you & Group K

  4. Hello and God Bless you.
    I have a question regarding this RV . Is it real? I have invested in Zim for humanity. I have health issues and have changed my diet but being able share the healing beds to those who need it would be wonderful.

  5. The only thing that comes to mind is THANK YOU for all you have done and all you are doing. I am so excited to see the future of mankind here on Earth!


    April 23, 2021 at 6:39 am

    BigPharmas are terroristic evil on Earth.
    Fuck the evil Rockefellers & Rothschilds.

  7. Hi Neil, I am one like yourself, a ninja
    Recently bought a Rife unit from
    Your name came up as similar, your is a Bio something technology, not the same as a rife like as in a Raymond Royal Rife,?

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