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Bio-Resonance Therapy
Data Report

Does it Work for “This?” [Any Particular Ailment]

That has been a reoccurring question asked by many people about the Bio-Resonance Feedback Therapy “Healing Computer,” most of whom have their own particular ailments or family or friends that are sick.

Well, to answer that question it is first important to review some statistics.

(Take a look at the data collected by one of our clinic practitioners below.)

In addition to the common afflictions covered by this data table the BRT Healing Computer has been successfully used in frequency treatments of :

Substance Addictions
All Parasites Viruses
Many types of Cancer
Cystic Fibrosis
Diabetes Type I& II
Fatigue (including Adrenal)
Heavy Metal Poisoning
Morgellons Syndrome
Multiple Sclerosis
Nerve damage
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Spinal Cord Injuries
Vision Impairment
Weight Gain (often due to various Addictions or DNA repair needed)


It has also been reported by several machine owners that they have seen notable improvements Mental Retardation issues and Down Syndrome patients.

These results are all based on an individual’s physical frequency needs that are individually addressed in a healing session or multiple sessions.

People generally do not get sick overnight thus healing takes time to reverse various problems.

The beauty of using a BRT Healing Computer is that you can actually see your body healing itself.

Look again at the data chart and you will see a 95.2% success rate.

That is an unheard of success rate for frequency generator devices.

The statistical success of the BRT Healing Computer is also seen in the referred testimonials and videos available on

For those who have had BRT Healing Computer treatments, we welcome your testimonials and celebrate your good health.

As of now, we’re providing our first empirical American and European clinical compilation of general statistical data results:

One General Statistical Data Report on Application of BRT in Clinical Practice:

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  1. What a wonderful world this will be for so many injured and sickly people. All we have to do is hang in there until these fantastic machines are mainstreamed!

    God bless Neil and the K-Team!

  2. Elaine Latiolais

    March 8, 2021 at 5:50 am

    Hello Neil,

    Are these the ‘medbeds’ that we have all heard about for the last few years?

    My brother has AIDS, for 25+ years now. He is on 4 AIDS drugs, had lost both hips, much damage throughout his body. They are now changing some of his drugs. He is very sick and I’m afraid he might not last until the medbeds are completely rolled out. I have heard of these Medbeds, but don’t know if President Trump will be spearheading these, or if he has joined with people like you to get these to the public. Any information on this I am very grateful for.

    Thank you,

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