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We Shoot You Down UBS

“Union Bank Of Switzerland (UBS) Involved In A US$ 652,000,000,000 Fraud And Theft With Four Malaysian Commercial Banks

UBS is back in the spotlight for nefarious banking practices again.

This time it involves a US$652 Billion loan package that they arranged for four Malaysian commercial banks and with the approval of the Malaysian Central Bank, Bank Negara Malaysia, and Minister of Finance/Prime Minister Najib Razak at the time.

The recipients of the loaned funds were:

(1) Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad,

(2) Public Bank Berhad,

(3) Bank Simpanan Nasional,

(4) Citibank Berhad.

These banks have all been implicated in other questionable financial dealings involving directly or indirectly the former Prime Minister and/or others in Malaysia.

The loaned funds were provided by the late Dr. Drs. Seno Edy Soekanto, the principal Trustee of the Soekarno Trust having original certificates of deposit of gold, currencies and other assets on deposit with UBS by his father, Djawahir, the right-hand of the former President Soekarno, the original M1 and Amanah of Indonesia.”

[See documentation here: Prof Dr. Drs. Seno Edy Soekanto: Family Guarantee Inheritance] (You will need to rotate the PDF to the right)

“This was a standard loan agreement package having initial commissions, interest rates, repayment terms, loan duration and other terms and conditions.

However, Dr. Seno never received back to his UBS Soekarno Trust Account his agreed upon commissions, interest payments or the repayment of the term loans.

Instead UBS to date has refused to honor these contracts and rolled over the loans without Dr. Seno’s approval or authority written or otherwise.

In fact, Dr. Seno was never properly notified of the loan extention nor were any interest payments made to his accounts for the continued use of his funds.

That is clear fraudulent cheating by UBS and those involved who profited from the use of those funds at the expense of Dr. Seno, the Soekarno Trust and the Indonesian people…”

[Neil Keenan with Dr. Seno]

“In 2015 Dr. Seno contacted his friend Mr. Neil Keenan to help him in resolving this financial problem. Dr. Seno gave Mr. Keenan the full Power of Attorney to settle this matter with UBS.

Mr. Keenan immediately filed Letters of Demand and other legal actions against UBS. The fact that UBS illegally and knowingly rolled-over the loans to these banks WITHOUT proper authority to do so from Dr. Seno or Mr. Keenan. That authority belonged exclusively to Mr. Keenan at that time.

In common simplicity, UBS intentionally defrauded Dr. Seno and Mr. Keenan and the Soekarno Trust with knowledge and aforethought. UBS has essentially STOLEN US$ 652 Billion plus interest, commissions and damages.

Dr. Seno has now passed away, but Mr. Keenan is now the Amanah, the elected absolute TRUSTEE of the Soekarno Trust and other assets and who has the absolute authority of that global office, as well as, his previous Power of Attorney in this matter.

And you should know what Mr. Keenan is about to do to UBS and all their corrupt banksters.

UBS executives related to this matter had better invest in old barrels as that may be their next apparel. This is a no-brainer legal case of fraud and deception on the part of UBS who are clearly legally liable based on established contracts and illegal rolling–over of these contracts without proper authority and without any interest or other payments.

It will be interesting if Mr. Keenan’s legal team also go after the questionable use or abuse of these funds by Malaysian banks and government officials. Dig, dig, dig boys and you will probably find creepy crawly things squirming out in this case. There are too many sticky fingers involved all around.

I will leave it up to lawyers and financial investigators to follow-up on the exposure of who, what and where the money trail leads, but I can assure you that there were and are many full pockets where there should have been none.

UBS you are caught in your own corruptions again. Settle soon as it will cost you much, much more later, that is for sure. Law will prevail.

Singapore Financial Insider”


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