JAKARTA, March 18, 2013 – As you can tell from the accompanying video, Neil Keenan had reason to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style yesterday (though with moderation, I promise you – well…moderately for Keenan).

Our team repaired to an Irish pub-to-be-named-later, where genuine step-dancing and an Irish folksinger provided the Celtic spirit, and an Indonesian R&B band provided the kind of get-down music that had our Korean colleague (honorary Irishman Inchul “Leroy” Kim ) literally on the table leading the whole joint in an unforgettably glorious incomprehensible gyration:

I bought Neil the goofiest bright green leprechaun’s hat I could find, whereupon choir boy Michael nursed his single Guinnuess while bad boy Keenan ordered one more round for the table….and one more, and one more.

OK then, back to the hard news: we received two crucial pieces of evidence to start the day – documents that should have been in hand in June of last year when Keenan’s Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit (first shared with the world by David Wilcock) against cabal banksters and their puppet masters had been filed (including a Cease and Desist notice naming a Who’s Who of the cabal world); enforceable liens on the twelve Federal Reserve Banks were in place (plus additional liens against the seven central banks of Europe); and millions were looking to new words from brother Drake Bailey on the imminent mass arrests of the core cabal members.

Had these documents been in Keenan’s hands then, jurisdiction issues would have been immediately resolved, and many things long since delayed might have taken place.  Security issues require that we be no more specific at this time regarding these documents, but I can tell you that the lawsuit will now be receiving renewed focus in the coming days.

Meantime, a notarized statement by Mr. Keenan was given this morning to our friendNelu for his appearance today before the High Court regarding the possibility of his release. Our hopes remain high that he will soon be reunited with his family, and able to resume his important work with Mr. Keenan on the Global Accounts.

While Neil Keenan is a solidly 3-D kind of guy (if he will permit me to lapse into 2012-speak), this writer is by training and inclination more of a 5-D fellow (three years as a monastery cook, a couple of decades of meditation, etc.).  Over the last few weeks here in Jakarta, however, I have observed that despite being solidly anchored in what we used to refer to as “the real world,” Keenan is a mystical Irishman at heart, and knows that there is often a hidden hand at work in world events – and in our own small lives as well – that brooks no accidents, and has its own pace and purpose.

My own intuition tells me that the nearly year-long delay with the lawsuit against the Fed was necessary in order to clear the decks, and to remove hidden enemies close to Mr. Keenan, so that the enormous forward momentum for the globe in the wake of 12/21/2012 could proceed in the right path.

There are, of course, many others around the world performing their own crucial services toward the freedom of the planet: military leadership of formerly warring nations who are now refusing to dance to the cabal’s bloody tune and are seeking cooperative alliance; intelligence agencies who have begun to see that they were puppets of a hidden sect who would eventually sacrifice them as well; international financial leaders such as Christine LaGarde who are refusing to “wash the dirty laundry” of the cabal (i.e., “mirroring” Fed notes  – notes once obediently laundered by the IMF, but no more).

The innovators of free energy and other astonishing technologies who are fearlessly offering to the world the amazing benefits long suppressed by the fossil fuel arm of the Illuminati octopus (as Keenan himself was on the brink of offering when his case first began, and plans soon to resume); and the efforts of millions of other “lightworkers” (an abused term – but is there a better one?) who have been doing our own dharmic duty, be it waking up friends and neighbors, creating informative blogs, planning to assist our communities in the wake of temporary disruption, or that most crucial work of raising the planet’s vibration one soul at a time by attuning ourselves with Source, according to whatever path to which we feel most drawn.

During this frustrating delay, when so many of us hoped for a single transformative event, looked for mass arrests, waited eagerly for a global currency reset, or sat up all night on the Winter Solstice of 2012 waiting for the Light Wave that would wash all the darkness away – during that long delay much important and necessary groundwork was laid by all those many allied souls around the world (in many nations and many fields of endeavor) to make the irresistible momentum of 2013 possible.

Some now say that the Spring Equinox almost upon us is the true flowering of the energies of the New Cycle.  Sounds good to me.  Here in Jakarta we’ll chalk it up to the luck of the Irish, as we anticipate more good news to share with you in the coming days.

(Sidelight: the Keenan-Dunn kick-it-around-before-posting review of today’s update featured Neil saying, “Oh, more of your choir boy spiritual stuff, eh, Michael?  Give them a little more piss and vinegar!”  And I leave it to you, good people, to figure out which is the piss, which the vinegar, and which the choir boy.)

One note re the video: unfortunately, Neil’s tribute to our indispensable colleague Jean Haines got inadvertently clipped out, much to our regret.  Bless you, Jean, for all you do and are.  Also, Keenan’s cryptic reference on the video to “getting locked in the men’s room” refers to an infamous incident in which this reporter modestly closed the men’s room door at the Jakarta courthouse, only to find himself locked in, and thus required to pass some crucial court documents to Mr. Keenan through the air vent on the bathroom door so that they would reach the judges in time.  I suppose that detail would fall into the “piss and vinegar” category.

So from Neil Keenan and team, we offer, until our next update, an old Irish blessing…

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Michael Henry Dunn

© 2013 Neil Keenan