Neil Keenan Lays One On Indonesian Prosecutor – Hell To Pay,  And Here It Comes

  • Indonesian patriot still in prison as Prosecutor Tanti tries to pretend Neil Keenan is just an “internet legend”
  • Court summons for Keenan to testify is secretly blocked – by whom?
  • High Court and other officials doing the right thing – and then they smell a rat
  • High Court separates Nelu’s case from tainted currency – no evidence remains to hold him – so why is he still in prison?
  • Keenan asks Indonesian government to look into possible prosecutorial misconduct
  • Real culprits, Keith Scott and his cohorts, go unpunished – but not for long

by Michael Henry Dunn

May 18, 2013

Neil Keenan has learned the truth.  And now there will be hell to pay.  The gloves are coming off his fists, and he is ready to match blow for blow.  Keenan has been in Jakarta since January, waiting to testify on behalf of Martha Wibawa (called Nelu), the unjustly imprisoned Indonesian patriot chosen by Keenan as his right-hand man to help move theGlobal Collateral Accounts into action to finally benefit the people and defeat the corrupt banking elite.

Weeks have gone by as the actions in this case of Prosecutor Tanti, became more and more suspect – and as Keenan waited for a summons that never came.  Week after week, Neil Keenan was told that he would be called before the judges, that his testimony would be heard.  “Tomorrow,” they said.  “Next week, certainly,” came the word.

In early March the judges in the lower court ruled that Nelu should be freed based on time served – a three and a half year sentence, which (though undeserved) we understood would have given him his freedom on probation that day.  The prosecutor objected (Indonesian law allows her to do this), and an appeal process began.  Again, Keenan was told he would be called.

Again, no summons came.  The High Court rightly saw that the only incriminating evidence in the case was against co-defendant Mulyadi (Nelu’s father-in-law) and ruled that the cases should be separated – leaving no evidence against Nelu.  Again, Keenan was told he would be called, and that his testimony would be the final word needed to free Nelu.  Again, no summons came.

And now Neil Keenan has learned the truth.  And, yes, now there will be hell to pay.

As the weeks went by, Keenan’s suspicions were aroused.  Early this month, he and his Korean sidekick Inchul relentlessly sought the facts behind the delay, even to the point of knocking on the office doors of the high and lower courts.   Finally some fair-minded court officials looked into the record, and discovered the stunning truth that a summons to Keenan had in fact been issued – possibly more than one – and that someone prevented the summons from ever being delivered.

Keenan is now considering a request that the Indonesian government look into possible wrongdoing in this high-stakes case.  Prosecutor Tanti is where the investigation should focus.  Was a summons issued?  Where was it delivered and when?  If not, why not? Did anyone sign for it?  If the summons was deliberately blocked, Nelu was denied due process.  His key witness was not allowed to come forward.

All along, Prosecutor Tanti’s flimsy case rested on the assertion that Nelu’s claim of working with an Irish-American international businessman and the Heritage Foundation to legitimately put Global Account notes into trade was just a story, that Neil Keenan was no more than “an Internet legend,” whose existence she challenged Nelu to prove (the Heritage Foundation is a globally recognized entity and is nominee on many of the Global Account notes, while a majority of the Account assets are owned by the Qing Dynasty in the person of Empress Bennie Hua).

A thirty-second Google search would have validated the fact of Nelu’s connection to Neil Keenan, but Ms. Tanti was not interested in facts.  She apparently counted on the idea that Keenan would not take the trouble and expense to travel to Jakarta and appear in Nelu’s behalf – she assumed that she could spin her false version of the story unopposed.  It is not, after all, very often that Westerners have bothered to travel all the way to Jakarta to testify on behalf of Indonesians who have been trapped in the hitherto murky world of the Global Accounts.

She could not, of course, know of Mr. Keenan’s combination of loyalty and tenacity.

I sat with Mr. Keenan in the courtroom that day, and saw Prosecutor Tanti’s shock at Neil Keenan and his colleagues’ unignorable presence in the front row of the court (see accompanying video). Neil later noted to me that the judges smiled in acknowledgement of his presence, but that Prosecutor Tanti looked quickly away.  She must have known in that moment that if Keenan were allowed to testify, her bogus case would be exploded.

And then a strange thing happened.  A notice to appear now sits in the records of the case – a summons to Neil Keenan to testify before the judges.  But someone saw to it that the summons never reached Keenan.  Someone made sure that Prosecutor Tanti’s case against an innocent man would go unchallenged.

Meanwhile Neil Keenan sat by day after day, expecting a summons that never came, waiting to testify in his friend’s behalf, ready to tell the truth.

If the summons had been delivered, if Keenan had been allowed to testify, the case would have dissolved, and Nelu would now be free,  and the bunkers holding the Global Account notes and assets would already be in the auditing process. Who knows?  Humanitarian programs and debt relief might already be flowing out to the stricken people of the world, if not for this obstruction of justice in Jakarta, this suppression of the truth.

But the truth in this case is a very inconvenient thing for certain powerful people – or perhaps one should say for certain soon-to-be-formerly powerful people?  With the flimsy foundation of the case exploded by Keenan’s presence – and still further obliterated by his written statement exonerating Nelu, submitted to the court in early March – the questions would then turn back on the prosecutor: who were the real culprits in this case?

Who set up the “phony Tony” in the bank parking lot to lure Nelu into a trap?  Who used Nelu’s own father-in-law as a spy to track the movement of the notes? Who benefits from blocking forward movement of the Accounts?

Keith Scott was in Indonesia at that time, why was he not investigated?  And why did the prosecutor never investigate Scott’s cohorts Peter Wagoner (who identifies himself as David Rockefeller’s nephew), and Teena, and Dewi? Rest assured, Neil Keenan has the evidence of how these people set Nelu up, and how they intended to benefit.  Their time is coming…

And when it comes to Prosecutor Tanti, there is more evidence that the Indonesian anti-corruption task force may wish to hear.

But the first question Ms. Tanti will be asked is this: what became of the legal summons issued to Neil Keenan? If it was blocked, that is obstruction, and denial of due process. If it bears a signature acknowledging receipt, that signature is not Neil Keenan’s – and that is forgery.  These would be criminal acts, and should be investigated immediately.

Keenan has more cards up his sleeve, begging to be played.  I can attest that he usually has an ace or two tucked away, major cards left unplayed, to be brought out when needed.  The timing is his own little mystery.

If Tanti is serving some other group’s agenda, who are they and what is that agenda?  If there was a deal, what were the terms?  With the global attention given to Neil Keenan’s work, the likelihood of interference by the criminal banking elite is off the charts.  The cabal’s desperation is now obvious.

From all over the world the reports come into Keenan: the banksters are floundering as their once-secret plots are exposed by formerly muzzled mainstream media – oil-price rigging revealed by Rolling Stone, and insider revelations that the recent G7 emergency financial meeting had an “end times panic,” (with Keenan’s name frequently coming up) as the tottering fiat currency monster reels over the fiscal cliff to oblivion, threatening to drag the rest of the world with it.

The rest of the world, however, will be only too happy to cut the chords of captivity that have held the planet in bondage to the Western oligarchy since the end of World War Two, and let the cabal tumble over the cliff unaccompanied.  Discreet calls from heads of state are now coming in to Neil Keenan in Jakarta, opening lines of communication for the coming shift.

Once-firm friends of the cabal are positioning themselves to switch sides, and even the long-loyal financial media are beginning to report once unreportable stories.   A last ditch attempt to co-opt the revolution, to deceive the people with a false dawn (one which would leave the dark forces still in control) is underway as the bankster gang pursues a massive gold and silver buying spree, attempting to underwrite their own version of a new financial system. The writing is on the wall, and the pressure on the cabal is mounting.

Someone attempted to channel that pressure against Nelu, against Neil Keenan, against the liberation of the Global Accounts, in Jakarta.

Indonesian lower-court judges rightly recognized the facts, and ruled that Nelu should be freed based on time served.  At some point, someone acted to block the legal summons issued to bring Keenan to court to give testimony which could have freed Nelu months ago.  The person responsible for this criminal act should be identified and brought to justice.

The High Court has since rightly acted to separate Nelu’s case from his co-defendant, leaving no evidence to hold him.  Why, then, has he not yet been freed?

Nelu is more than just an innocent man wrongly imprisoned.  He stands as a symbol for humanity in its struggle against the bankster-bloodline criminal gang…a gang that knows he is a key partner to the man whose work is one of the greatest threats they face.

As the High Court convenes to resolve the case, any supporters who wish to ask the disposition of Martha Wibawa’s (called Nelu) case, may call the Indonesian High Court in Jakarta at this number: +62 –21-425-2069 (or fax 425-4257), -referring to Case # 130/Pid2013/PT.DKI – the case number for Martha Wibawa. (***Please see the list below for YOUR COUNTRY’S EXIT CODE, used in order to make an international call.)

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A special video message from Neil Keenan (below) gives his latest thoughts on this important story.

Michael Henry Dunn

© 2013 Neil Keenan