by Neil F. Keenan

May 30, 2013 – I realize it is difficult waiting for the next post.  It is tough in between posts and I do not expect any of you to believe that nothing happens when lots is actually going on. Because we are near the end, I do not want you to miss the Ending.  I would not want to miss the end of a book after reading so many pages, or the final twenty minutes of a movie.  So I will try to bring you up to date so you know some of what actually transpired to get us to “ The End.”   It should create a bridge from one point to another and then finally to Nelu’s release (I hope so).

The strangeness of this period is connected to the questionable activities of Prosecutor Tanti, and of Nelu’s father-in-law Mulyadi—and the news of his admission to Nelu (finally) that all along he was secretly working with Keith Scott.

After our request went out to all of you to call the court on Nelu’s behalf,  you delivered more than 25,000 phone calls and it shut their system down.  When the court had no access to its system they understood we had some strength as well. It got to the point soon after that the Courts contacted our Irish-Korean friend Inchul Kim and politely asked him to keep me away from the courts.  When Kim asked why, they stated “They were all afraid of Mr. Keenan.”

When I was told this I wondered how they could make such a statement when I was on my best behavior and actually was thankful to the courts for their help.  They did not have to help me!  I thank them all to this very day because without them an integral element of Nelu’s case would never have been revealed and we would be to this very moment stuck with what we had.

What was revealed (and rightfully so) by Mr. Ibnu came to light when he asked why did I not show up to testify when I was summoned by the court?  I nearly fell off my chair when I heard this, yet gathered myself and rather than be loud, I just looked at him dumbfounded and asked, “What summons?”  I had been waiting many months for such an official court summons, and never received one despite being told day by day, “It is coming.” Mr. Ibnu and I looked at each other at this point, and the look in our eyes said it all.  Someone in the system suppressed the delivery of this summons.  I wonder who that could be?

We (Inchul, Jo and myself) visited the Lower Court after being advised by the Higher Court to get a statement submitted immediately to them otherwise all would be lost.  This advice was sound and I worked fervently to get one through.  After a long weekend working with Michael and Jean, I was happy with what had been finalized and brought it to the Lower Court on that following Monday.  Of course I expected everything to be okay.  The Higher Court said to do this.  We went and found our dear friend Daisy who is as honest as Day One and a fantastic person and asked her for help.

I trust her enough to ask her to translate and to help us.  She has been so helpful for many months and all my thanks to Daisy from us.  But she was not successful.  I could see she had a problem as she walked down the stairs.  I was ready to walk away when she said that her supervisor told her our statement could not be inserted into the case at this late date.  “The case is closed and in the hands of the Higher Court.”  It was the Higher Court that told us to bring it to the Lower Court, so what could we now do other than walk away?

Again it was Daisy who asked me what I wanted to do.  I said, well, the man said, “No,” so we should leave and return to the Apartment Hotel.  Daisy then asked, “Would you like to speak with him?”  I said, “No, he made his decision.”  It was then Daisy said, “What do you have to lose if you speak with him?”  I said, “Nothing.  But he made his  decision.”  On thinking it through, I then said, “What the hell, we have nothing to lose. Let’s go for it.”

At that time I did not know Mr. Ibnu was Daisy’s boss.  I learned later.  But all the while in his office, I felt  comfortable.  By being the humble yet wise person he is, he put me at ease.  When we both realized the value of the missing summons, Mr. Ibnu told me I would need a cover page for the statement—he decided to insert it into the case for us.  He had already read it and it impressed him such [so much] that he believed it might mitigate Martha Wibawa’s sentence.

He told us how to address the cover page and then went and spoke privately with Daisy.  I am sure this conversation revolved around how well she knew me.  I was very honest with her from the first day I met her, thinking I would testify and Nelu would be released.  Again Daisy would prove to be instrumental.  Immediately we went and completed the cover page with Jo working diligently while Inchul and I discussed the matter.  Again Daisy brought the finalized version upstairs to Mr. Ibnu and it was sent to the Higher Court and then inserted into Nelu’s case file.

It was a few days later that the request from Jean went out to the world to call in and express support for Nelu.  We banged our heads over this one, realizing it could go either way but when push came to shove we decided that the only way for anyone to see we were serious was to just let the request go out to all of you.  We prayed to God it would work.  After Jean’s request that Monday, the lights on the phones began early in the courthouse and continued throughout the day and night.  The court could not work and had to use their own cell phones to get things done.

I did not feel great about it after the assistance they had given us but everyone had to know this was also serious—they had an innocent man in jail and I wanted the opportunity to speak for his release.

It was some time before I realized that the separation of the case took all evidence away from Nelu and gave it to the rightful owner—MULYADI—his father-in-law who stabbed him in the back, the person who believed he was working with Keith Scott but in fact was being used.  It was Mulyadi who was Scott’s spy.  It was Mulyadi who told Scott everything Nelu was doing.

I had never liked that man, always coming for the ride, but never having anything to say.  Then when he thought he had the opportunity he started sending me messages telling me that he was the man to handle the Accounts, not Nelu.  This continued on, but I did not take it seriously.   He even e-mailed photos of himself holding what turned out to be fake notes he had been given—the very notes that would eventually land him in jail (unwittingly trapping his own son-in-law in Keith Scott’s net). I never took him seriously.  He would never be the man—he was not smart enough.  And then he failed the loyalty test.

A few days ago, I went to visit Nelu in prison, and as it was family visiting day, I found myself again with Mulyadi, Nelu, their wives, and Jo and Inchul in the prison visiting room.  I went only to speak with Nelu for a few minutes but Mulyadi, upon learning of the phone systems being shut down in support of Nelu, made his voice clear through Jo that he wanted to know why I was not helping him—only Nelu.

I asked him if he was kidding, and told him I would not raise one finger to assist him.  I told him he should try calling Keith Scott—the guy he worked for, the guy on whose behalf he ended up putting himself and Nelu in prison.   It was translated by Jo, and Mulyadi’s face turned tight and he banged the table, but little did he get from me because I stood up and banged the table as well.

Everyone was watching us and Mulyadi stayed down and continued to ask with his wife’s face on his shoulder why I was helping only Nelu. Mulyadi did not really care if Nelu got out of prison, but he did care if Nelu got out and he stayed in despite the fact that the entire matter was his doing.  Nelu tried to protect him throughout the court hearings never mentioning Mulyadi’s conniving ways, but while Nelu was trying to help Mulyadi, Mulyadi was trying to bury Nelu.  At one point and time he thought he was going home and Nelu was staying—since the notes were in Nelu’s bag.  On another occasion he told the Police he knew nothing about the notes, which left Nelu literally holding the bag.

I again told him he was responsible for this entire mess and if anything I would like to take his head off.  Jo would not translate this yet apparently Mulyadi understood and banged the table again.

Banging tables does not bother me but setting up your own family does.

Mulyadi not only hurt Nelu and his family but he hurt millions of people all over the planet, since we had been about ready to begin the Humanitarian Programs when Nelu was arrested.

I was already standing and I banged the table back and told him you will not get any help from me you &#$!?##!!!.  Nelu asked me to please remember this is his family, and his father-in-law might punch him in the face.  I calmed down for Nelu’s sake.  I was glad he did not bring his baby to see this.  Jo being the smart man he is just kept looking straight ahead at the wall in front of him not saying a word and I told him later you are lucky this did not break out and he asked, ‘”Why?”

I said, “Because the guy in the middle is always the one that gets whacked!”  Hahahahha…:) Jo said, “Really?!!”  Inchul, on the other hand, just kept watching everything stoically.  Nothing bothers that man. It was a shouting match and could have been much more but we walked away.

On the other hand, Mulyadi’s emotions were apparently getting the better of him. But this time I kept my eyes on him, knowing after leaving the table he was rounding up his boys for a further confrontation with either us or Nelu.  He did not want word to get out that he was responsible for everything that happened to Nelu but rather that Nelu did this to him. We had already planned on leaving, though, and I could only pray that nothing happened to Nelu—but it did!

Later that night in a confrontation Nelu shouted at Mulyadi that he had put him in jail for nine months by secretly working with Keith Scott.  Now the only person who had a handle on this matter was me and for Nelu to finally come out and say it must have been a reach for him, but Mulyadi loudly responded, “Yes, I was working with Keith Scott, and you blew our deal!”

Now if stupid is as stupid does then you have to shake your head at this one.  Mulyadi had only fake notes.  This is why he went to jail (getting innocent Nelu jailed too) yet here he is saying, “You blew our deal.’”

Well, Mr. Mulyadi, how did you ever expect to complete a deal with fake notes?  On the other hand Nelu had real notes (notes we planned on bringing down to use in the Programs), and the banks were awaiting his arrival.  Of course, he never made it.  So last week, for the first time Nelu heard for himself that Mulyadi not only worked with Scott but was involved in his incarceration.  It goes without saying that Scott got the hell out of Dodge after the arrest, and never lifted a finger to help Mulyadi.

Now we sit and wait the Higher Court’s Decision.  Nelu’s case is in the pipeline and he expects to receive an answer shortly.  The matter of Nelu’s innocence is not at stake as much as the court’s integrity.  The Prosecutor, Ms. Tanti, lost her integrity long ago and might be in line to face charges herself.  This still yet remains to be determined, depending on how Nelu wants to handle things.

To date the Indonesian court (which is often chastised in the world media) has been more than helpful.  They have extended their hands and their wisdom and they have not liked the state of things anymore than we have.  They are not sure who did what but they know something illegal was done and that it was not Nelu who did it.

Wise and humble people usually put together things in the right manner.  Now we sit and tempers have cooled—although I still get hot thinking about things that should have been, could have been.  It hurts to know that Scott not only disrupted our attempts at getting the Humanitarian Projects out there but destroyed a plan that would have been actively generating capital for various projects throughout the world at this very moment.  He is hiding in Malaysia and Malaysia was in line to get financing for some projects, so I leave him now to Malaysia.  He is in their hands.  He cost them so much and then goes and uses them to hide.  Best he leave now because I will make sure they see this.

As for Mulyadi I would expect him to serve out his sentence, since no one could actually help him, and finally for Nelu I pray he at last gets to rejoin his loving family.  I feel so much for them all and am fighting my very best, along with Jean, Michael, Inchul, Jo, Ben, David, Drake, Frankie, Tichomir, Rich, Stanley, and most importantly all of you. You proved yourselves with the phone calls and I must state right now I am so proud to be involved with you.  Thank you so much from the bottom of all our hearts.

I hope this sets the bridge you need between the last post and hopefully Nelu’s release.  Now you can see nothing has been smooth.  It could have gotten out of hand but I had Jo with me to translate, who could deal with them all so easily.  Go get ‘em Jo!  Thanks for all, and now I must say goodbye until Nelu is released.  He should be out soon and remember it took many of us to do things either big or small to hopefully make this release possible, so we are all in it together.  Again, thank you for all you do.

Neil F. Keenan

On March 27, 2013, in Jakarta . . .

Uploaded on May 30, 2013

On March 27th in Jakarta, Neil Keenan waited to call his friend Nelu in prison…sitting on the couch next to the Mickey and Minnie dolls he bought for Nelu to give to his little boy on the day when he walks free. Keenan talks about the importance of creating a trustworthy team, and doing the right thing with the Global Accounts. At the end, we share a brief clip of Neil keeping the team’s spirits up with a late night songfest with Inchul, Michael, and the Indonesian cabbie….

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