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In Response To Casper’s
Latest Opinion –
Keenan Speaks Out

September 24, 2012

From D at Removing the Shackles website:

On Sunday the infamous “Casper” made scathing remarks aimed at Neil Keenan and various others whose work revolves through the world of the World Global Settlements, Prosperity Packages, the Dinar/Global Currency Revaluation, and of course the Wanta Reagan Mitterrand funds.  Casper’s Opinion gives out information that is incorrect – be it because it’s “disinfo” or because his sources are leading him around by the nose, I just don’t know – but it definitely has a slant that is not right in my opinion.

You can read Casper’s report HERE.

Neil’s reply:

Hi D,   Who is Casper?  Is he the friendly ghost?  hahahah..   I did not read it all, seeing it is just hogwash.  I guess he has been around for a long while making promises to the people who put their faith in him and then find out that the ball he gave them has no air.

I could give you a litany of things they have promised, but you all know what they are and not one of them has been true.  For something to be called the “Wanta funds” it must mean that he earned this money somewhere along the way, but this is the money that was used to take down the USSR. Where did it come from?  The Global Accounts, and guess what that is, where it is sitting right now?  Sorry, no Wanta Funds, it is a myth.

I will not allow them to keep pounding us with this crap.  Am I stopping the American People from getting any of these funds by forewarning them not to believe this?  Not at all.  I am simply advising them that this will never happen seeing it does not belong to the White Hats or Wanta.  It belongs to the Global Accounts.  Those funds were stolen from the Global Accounts, and are now resting comfortably in the accounts.

Do you remember the You Tube presentation from the very same people, Casper included, that the White Hats had 120 nations supporting them and that we would shortly have a new financial system?  Everyone said “WOW.”  I did not say “WOW,” nor did David Wilcock, and why?  Because we were in touch with those nations and at that time there was not 120, but much less.  One day after this release, David (Wilcock) received a call from Danny Gamage asking for help.  Seems that the White Hats had not one country backing them and they needed help.  When David could not help them, I received a call from the White Hats asking for the same help.  Their Your Tube release was full of crap, just as many releases have been.

Now do not get me wrong, I have seen some White Hat releases that are fantastic but to be honest I only read a bit of it.  Doctor Michael Van de Meer used to argue with me over them and who they represent.  I would tell him they are disinfo and nothing more.  I know what I am doing and they attempt to cross over into my realm on occasions, and when they do they show where they stand.  They might mean well and if so then they should stop publishing the nonsense they do.

As stated above, some of their releases are on the money, but what they are discussing now, they are just winging it.  Sure the people get excited when they hear money is going to be released to them, hell I would be to, but they have sent out so many false flags how can one believe or trust them.  I know where the accounts are and they rest comfortably and I do not want anyone to have false beliefs that something is just going to appear on their doorstep.  It is not going to happen.

Even when this matter with the Cabal is cleared up, the money is not going to just appear from the Accounts.  You see D, the accounts are owned by the World, not by Wanta or White Hats.  Many countries and Societies have deposited their Gold into those accounts and it is their assets that Casper is speaking of, not Wanta’s.

I could tell you many stories of what I have heard but I feel no need to do this.  Casper is mad Neil Keenan is a new guy on the block and I appreciate this, but understand this Casper: the new guy on the Block is not naive and he does not like the people getting confused by people such as yourself.  This is tough enough for them to be misled again and again.  What will you do? Lead them to the slaughterhouse? Is this your goal, for you cannot be foolish enough to believe your own blarney.

Take it easy on the people, they have been through lots and most have no idea why.  Get your facts straight, I know you are more than capable of doing so and if not, then what reason do you have not to let the people know what is going on?  If you really do not know, then do not print it.  It is best the people do not read make-believe and take it to heart.  Do I want the people to receive money?  Hell yes I do, but I do not want them sitting there with dreams that have no chance of coming true.

Hey Casper aren’t you the guys that had the packages going out to the Governors a year or more ago?  Again it was over and people had been issued the packages right?  Ah it does not matter JUST TREAT the people better — they deserve more.  They have been through a lot.

Casper, I do not know if you are a disinfo agent as they say, but you cross over into what I am doing often, and when you do, you step on my toes and I have to advise you that I Bite.  I have so much more I can say but will not.  I have no fight with the White Hats but will not let them cross that line over to my territory.

I understand Wanta or the White Hats even filed a copycat lawsuit similar to mine in Switzerland in Wanta’s name.  Is this true?  Seems like so many others that things just keep being said but nothing is happening.  As for the liens I filed, you are right, they did not represent the US, they represented the Family Heritance Guarantee seeing as they had more than 4 Trillion USD stolen from them over the years by the FEDS.  What you do not tell the people is that President Soekarno from Indonesia presided over all those accounts you speak of and when he went into buisness with Kennedy to eliminate the Federal Reserve Bank, Kennedy was killed by the Bankers.

After this we had an appointed Marcos, not elected and furthermore, there must be more than just smoke and mirrors to the Ray Dam situation, seeing as he screams loud that he is in control of the accounts, but what he forgets to mention is that he was never elected, only appointed by the West.  What gave the FEDS such contol over the collaterals?  Why were they allowed to hijack a system that was supposed to be supported by the very assets of the East?  My fight is to get this cleaned up, Casper.  Seeing as those people you seem to agree with are those same ones who are hurting the very same people you claim you are trying to get money for.


Over the past few days I’ve had several long (and constantly interrupted) conversations with Aaron from Soldier Hugs, who is spearheading the launch of the “Leo Wanta Biography” written by Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall.  Over the past few months Aaron and I have had several indepth conversations about our current global situation, and about those people who put themselves out there to bring us updates.  We’ve discussed the Wanta Funds and Global accounts several times.

The Wanta Funds is a subject that is highly volitile and shrouded in secrecy.  There are many different angles that come into play and create drama and unease. Aaron and I examined the various facets of the topic and after much back and forth, this was his final comment on the subject at hand:

“So, great discussion we have concluded here over the last 3 days. With regards to Neil Keenan and his position/opinion of the Wanta funds, etc…I feel there 2 key distinctions that need clarity. The 1st is an explanation of his claim that the Wanta funds were “stolen” from the Collateral accounts. What I mean is; it would be helpful to understand if he is saying that these funds were “actually” stolen physically, thereby making them actual and tanigble in existence, OR do he mean that they were “mirrored” or fiat funds that were created by means of the off ledger shennigans but using the collateral accounts as, well “the collateral,” for funny money creation/manipulation.

And 2nd, depending on the distinction of the 1st above, how is the release or repatriation of the Wanta a bad thing, or illegal thing, etc… What I mean is; if these funds were indeed “mirrored” or funny money in origin, then is he saying the release or repatration of these in illegal fundamentally because they in truth “do not exist,” or perhaps that by releasing or using them would somehow perputuate or help the Cabal banksters in their plight to extend the inevitable, etc…? From the viewpoint of the general public, all of these various groups including Neil Keenan, the White Hats, Ben Fulford, Wilcock, Drake, Nesara, etc….

ALL seem to agree with the identification of the evil Cabal elements, their various factions and agendas of conspiracy against the Planet, BUT what seems to confuse everybody is that all of these good guy groups seem to be fighting about how the “Pie” is to be divided as used with regards to WGS, PP’s, and various other Trusts and Funds rumored and specualted to exist. (and many that are rumored to NOT be related to the Collateral accounts that Neil is involved with). A clear picture of exaclty what is in store with regards to the supposed new financial system that will replace the current and old one is really what’s needed here as it this is what everyone is speculating about; not who the bad guys are or what they are doing in general.

A 2nd thing for Neil and others to consider, is that aside from the explanations and workings of the Collateral Accounts, and all the things associated with the true wealth and assests of the world and how this all shakes out, I feel that the Leo Wanta story has much additional value here with regards to further revealing the nature of the covert conspiracy that exists and has existed for decades with regards to the treasonous take down and Corruption of the US government, and other world governments. its a lot easier for the “public” to undertsand and absorb the relevancy and impact of these financial matters if they can fundamentally understand why and how the Cabal is doing it and has been doing for centuries. So its not just about the money, but also about the bastards pulling the strings and how they have gotten away with it so long.

I don’t know what Neil Keenen thinks of Soldierhugs, etc.. for working with the Wanta Story, and I am completely open/minded as to any thing he has to say about this. But I do feel that the Wanta story has merit in its huge scope of ripping the veil off of the covert conspiracy and the credibility of its existence. I am completely open minded about Neil’s Claim about the money parts of this equation, If it can be credibly explained and the clear distinctions made as to the “Why and How” of his claims against the Wanta Funds/Protocols….

I want to add a bit of clarity on the subject of the Wanta funds and the Prosperity Packages from the information that I have.  Many people believe that the Wanta money is what is being used to pay out the Prosperity Packages, and this is not true. It is my understanding that the PPs are being funded by the World Global Settlements and this has been backed up by several sources. The next important point is that the WGS are NOT part of the Wanta funds.

Therein lies much of the confusion about this.

I try to keep myself neutral between the various groups and people that are working so hard to move humanity forward and out of the clutches of the Cabal.  Although when I read or hear something that is incorrect, or that the intel I have suggests is wrong, I will give my opinion on the subject. As I said in an article last week , Neil and I do not agree on the topic of the World Global Settlements and the PPs, but we can still discuss various aspects of change going on across the world.

I have had a lot of lively debates with many people on these topics.  Sometimes they get pretty heated too.  But in the end it is important for all of us to remember the final goal and remember that regardless of what section of the puzzle we are working on, it’s all part of the master puzzle.

…and maybe, instead of arguing about who’s right or wrong, if everyone put away the animosity and the finger pointing and openly worked as a team, we might unravel the confusion and see the final master puzzle all in one piece.”

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