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From: Neil Keenan
To: ‘Drake Bailey’
Sent: Friday, July 13, 2012 9:57 AM
Subject: Answers

Dear Drake,

Nice to know we are both alive brother. Last thing I remember is my reading I am dead. Hahahah.

As you know I do not like interviews and always toss someone else into the middle of them but let me explain this for you Drake. You keep asking me when will I refile and what date and to this there is no answer!

When I compile all the information I need in which I can kick the financial system in the ass and straighten it out then I will file. My main concern is Jurisdiction which is what the Judge also made mention of and clearly stated that he would throw the case out if we did not prove we have it. In order to do this I am going to expose the illegal banking system. Let them then tell me when the Federal Reserve Bank of NY is shown to be part and parcel to the theft. I will have the information to prove this.

Why did I withdraw the case? Because we did not have the Jurisdictional issue in place and I had no intention of showing my hand before I had to. Now I have the time to get what is needed to substantiate all the claims made.

Why didn’t I serve anyone during the past 6 months? Because we did not have all their addresses. What good does it do when Danielle Dal Bosco is being hid by the Vatican to serve the others. Dal Bosco is the key here and we now can reach out and grab him whenever we wish but first things first that being Jurisdiction.

Once we get things right we can close this system down on them as has already happened in BIS and then they will have nothing to fight with. The idea is to take the money out of their pockets. Without this they have no ability to hire the armies they need to deal with the real American People. The Kazars and Nazis will be left alone to themselves finding nary a dollar to buy what they need to protect themselves and then when weakened the American People can do as they wish with such garbage. It is just a matter of time.

They have hastened their movements and by doing so have hurt themselves throughout the world. Everyone is ready for them and ready to come at them, especially our group. I cannot wait to get what is needed to just simply destroy them and give back to the people what has always been theirs.

We will be refiling and we will have new defendants most likely including the Federal Reserve Bank of NY and the US Treasury among them. We have plenty to include both and invoke jurisdiction.

Until then take care my friend and whenever you need some factual information if I have it then just ask. You are the people’s hero and you do your best all the while to give them what is real. Stay strong and stay safe.

Neil Keenan