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‘Healing Computer’ Technology
Testimonial # 2

As another quick update, we have a testimonial from a German man with unique experience of the ‘Healing Computer’ technology:

“This is an experience report from one of the people in Germany who has known the healing computer the longest:

I also met Neil Keenan personally on December 10th 2016 and talked with him for a long time. Neil has asked me to provide an account of my experience with this high technology.

Thus, the report:

I (German) have now worked for 4 years with the healing computer. It is only logical how it works. The technology does just the same thing a car battery needs to do to start a car, it is energy = frequency = charger.

Every organ of man has its own frequency. And so each organ can be charged with a particular frequency. These frequencies have been determined by way of incredible work.

My grandmother, at the age of 87, had some diseases. The biggest problem was a defective thyroid gland. She took toxic drugs with many unhealthy side effects. This disease and others were cured 90% after 12 sessions with the healing computer.

No more drugs were needed.

My wife had received bad blood test results (under-active or too little energy). This was presumably due to too many milk products in her diet.

She was not aware of this problem and it was only through the analysis of the healing computer that we were able to see this fact, and in a few therapies this sub-function was brought to normal values, that is, cured.

My own various organs had diseases or otherwise what was called sub-function or lack of energy. I myself, at age 59 years, was able to see and heal my sub-functions of the liver, lung and esophagus, as well as the prostate, which were problems not known to me until the healing computer detected them and healed them.

My doctor could not see or measure these diseases. Every 14 days we examine all organs in our group of people for sub-functions of the organs.

This lack of energy can then trigger cancer if you do not know about it, and therefore do not apply therapies. Everyone should see the short video to understand. [He refers to the previous two videos we have shared on this technology: Video One and Video Two].

This type of therapy is called bio-resonance therapy. There are only a few other devices that use this, and they can show only 5% of what our technology can show.

It seems to me and others almost like a miracle of God that we can make this technology available.

– Gisbert”


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Answers To:
‘Healing Computer’ Technology
Treatment Questions

I have just finished a call with Neil and the primary developer of the ‘Healing Computer’ technology (Walter) who are both right now in Germany ready to receive those wishing to purchase a ‘Healing Computer’ prior to Christmas.

This gave me an opportunity to ask Walter about – what has been an-ever growing number of questions, sent to us on “will the machine fix such-and-such”.

We have already shared in recent posts that:

“The ‘Healing Computer’ technology optimizes the Human immune system to it’s maximum operational level, in order to deal with any diseases of the body, including mental / psychotic.

In short, this technology will heal anything that the Human immune system can resolve itself – when it is working unhindered and at it’s greatest possible capacity.”

See: NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Introduction / Overview: The ‘Healing Computer’ Technology

In answer to specific questions that would take me forever to answer on an email-by email basis here are some specific confirmations:


AIDS (as covered previously)




Candida (all Parasites)

Cancer (as covered previously)

Cystic Fibrosis




Fatigue (including Adrenal)

Heavy metal poisoning

Mental Retardation issues

Morgellons Syndrome

Multiple Sclerosis

Nerve damage

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder



Spinal Cord injuries

Vision impairment

Weight Gain (often due to Addiction)

Bone fractures cannot be addressed by this particular machine, however there is a specialized bone-healing machine on the way for clinic treatments.

It is important to note that this technology resolves all issues with the Hypothalamus portion of the brain which in itself addresses many ailments automatically once it is working properly.

Another topic that has surfaced often is that of metallic implants.

We have already stated that electronic implants such as pacemakers are not compatible because they would stop working during the scanning / treatment process.

However, with metallic implants this is not the issue. Small implants such as tooth fillings and staples are fine, and unless a person was to have something metal in their body the size of a titanium femur (not that they would – but to provide an idea of scale) they can still be treated.

The only issue with metallic implants is that they interfere with the scanning process, not the healing process.

And so people with metal implants can still benefit from the healing processes of this technology, just not the scanning analysis component.

We hope these elaborations will help settle the concerns of the many people who are waiting to purchase ‘Healing Computers’ and also the many who are waiting to visit clinics when they open.

Additionally, we have a whole set of testimonials on the way, some need to be translated, but we will make them available as soon as we can.

And please, direct any and all enquiries to – and not to the comments section below.



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