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Outcast Asian Insider
Offers His Assistance

The following was submitted to us by the person known as “The Asian Insider” (#1). He makes some valid points and so we are sharing them here.


“Sorry for bothering you again, but I feel compelled to impart some important observations.

Although I attempted to assist Mr. Keenan in my last communication, he decided it was time to expel me, and given full consideration of the facts, this was a pertinent move on his part.

Unfortunately, in the past we often did not always concur on policies nor approach, which I regret.

Upon reading the latest post from Benjamin Fulford, it sent a jolt up and down my spine. Despite the fact that this report was a fabrication, it immediately reiterated to the entire Dragon Family that should anything happen to Neil Keenan, the entire Global Collateral Account project falls apart. 

In many respects, I admire Mr. Keenan and Group K for what they have already so admirably achieved in taking on this monumental battle, on behalf of the Dragon Family; the securing of the Global Collateral Accounts, as well as their work towards enabling humanitarian initiatives.

And so, I would be most grateful if you would once again allow me an opportunity to humbly offer my observations by way of an update.

The many endeavors undertaken by Mr. Keenan and his Keenan Group have been followed ‘keenly’ from my vantage point here in Beijing. I observe the situation very clearly. Admittedly I am privy to information and sources of a somewhat elevated vantage point.

With respect to the Global Collateral Accounts, understand that the Golden Dragons control the vast majority of the Assets involved; because they are the Depositors. By way of the Family’s explicit approval, Neil Keenan continues to be in charge of the Accounts after protecting them for more than 7 years at his own great personal cost.

Anyone else making any claim to the same role is definitively – a flat out liar.

I admire Mr. Keenan and the Keenan Group for what they do, especially when speaking of using the GCA as an initiator towards financial restructuring, to assist the world’s disenfranchised populace with free energy and other very advanced technologies; such as healing systems, water purification methods, better schooling; and care for the vulnerable persons of our societies such as the homeless, military veterans, our children, and the elderly.

Pivotal documentation and legal agreements lay in wait for the return of Mr. Keenan in person – but he will first have said paperwork further detailed and rewritten before executing by way of his signature. Fortunately, it seems no one is in a hurry to do this.

This has been a protracted process and it is no easy task. It is important to remain cognizant of the point that this role – with it’s enormous responsibility – has only ever beforehand been occupied by one person: President Soekarno of Indonesia.

Following talks with the many Elders, and once the revised documents are signed , the Global Collateral Accounts will finally be opened for humanitarian purposes. Mr. Keenan has nearly everyone (especially all those who have aided him over the past seven years) in position and ready to commence work.

From Asia we watch this man very closely, not because we do not trust him, heavens no, but because on several occasions, he has nearly left us much too early.

Recently he was an inpatient at a local clinic with body pains, headaches, a high fever and he was hardly able to move, only to discover that his body had been poisoned once again.

From what I understand, there were 14 miniature ‘poison packets’ placed within his body with programmed time-releases, that were surreptitiously placed to be ingested into in his body while eating food in Indonesia. The remaining packets have begun to release now.

Although this new healing machine seemed to destroy 11 of them with only one treatment, it is possible the other 3 have burst into Neil’s system with a raging violence during the past 3 or 4 days – and Neil is not currently within the vicinity of a healing computer.

Neil must recover completely and push onward, and if not the Global Collateral Accounts would not be opened at all. The Family would turn their heads and refuse any and all requests in the event that Neil were to move on or pass on.

Neil should have returned to Asia before any of this happened. I understand that bank accounts were interfered with in every way imaginable. Deposits were flat out stolen, frozen and transfers were blocked and even returned for “security reasons.” Nevertheless this man forges ahead.

In addition to the GCA mission Mr. Keenan has taken on another project in parallel; the deployment of very advanced technologies; because the fight for our freedom is a multi-faceted endeavor.

I have spoken with two or three major groups that would support the entire matter – regardless of cost, but they also want to have outright control in making the currency transactions throughout the world as well.

Mr. Keenan has already made his position clear in that there is no room at the very top for subversive agendas – we, all of us can stand as witnesses to the predicament in which we find ourselves due to such upper level manipulations. 

This is not his ego espousing this, but as Neil has previously said to us in Jakarta, “I am not going to bring anyone into this who believes for one second that they are going to run this show for a few dollars. There is a plan, and the plan will be enacted step by step”.

I agree with Neil on this point; he is right, because he is the only one along with his team who has courageously walked the walk above and beyond talking the talk!

If the right donors with means soon come forth, this all could be rapidly completed; nevertheless if no one moves it could be later.

Neil has told others, and I confirm he is planning on doing this, that he is going to source the funds himself even if he has to negotiate specific deals to that effect.

My considerations are offered with respect,

The Asian Insider”


The Report Of My Death
Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

I am sorry to learn that Ben Fulford says I am dead. I just checked myself, and everything  seems to be in place; I went to the toilet and everything worked just fine.

I even checked Ben’s emails and Skype messages to see if he actually sent me any. To be frank, I did not receive anything from him, so I am not sure what emails he is talking about. Then again, according to Ben, I am “dead” so why should I be so concerned?

I will tell you why. I am concerned, because I have so many people that I care about, and I cannot go anywhere until I complete what I started.

I am concerned, because I have so many dear friends that would be heartbroken should something happen to me.

I am concerned, because damn it, I do not want to lose the person I love nor my son… Thaass why! I want to enjoy everything we have accomplished after this is over with and begin to really live again.

Finally, I want to see the Cabal turn over their sword to us, so count on me staying for a while.

Perhaps here is where Ben might have  gone astray.

Recently, the Clintons did seriously threaten us. As a result, I did contact one of their hit men here in Europe and was told that Ben was going first and then myself.

There were a couple of attempts in the past couple of months to eliminate me, and in both instances I dealt with things pretty well.

First my toe was severely damaged about 2 months ago ,and then my leg was nearly broken. It seemed as though everything was getting torn up.

Finally, the poison packs started opening in my body, which tore me up during the past two weeks or so.

Now Benjamin says that I’m dead. Well, if I’m dead, I’m doing a great job of looking alive!

I realize I often keep things to myself pretty much, but when it comes to this matter, I must respond.

After Ben manufactured this, he went on further to erroneously say that we are working with the Rockefellers (like Hell, not in this lifetime!), and that the Zimbabwe notes are not real.

I want to emphasize the deal with the Dinars and Zims is VERY real, and I have no interest in it at all other than to help get the information out to my friends.

Finally, I don’t know what I can do to prove I am alive other than to do the Irish Jig with you all… hahahahha.

Just take care and do not fall for anything.

This is getting near the end and we will hear all kinds of things. I am already out there attempting to get the financing so I can get into the Accounts and will continue to do so until I drop.

All the Best,

Neil Keenan

P.S. Ben must have had a lot of whiskey before writing his latest post. When Ben drinks, he can’t see anything anyway…


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