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Federal Reserve
To New US Republic Via
A Global Currency Reset

Here is the latest intelligence report that was sent directly to Neil directly:



In the interest of expediting mutual understanding I have organized the key information:

1. The “United States” that has been causing all the trouble is only “the territories and District of Columbia”. Those “United States” known as the United States of America (Minor) have committed fraud against these United States (Major) and the entire rest of the world.

2. As a result, the United States Major has still not come to the table with regard to the eminent changes in the financial system.

3. The United States Major issued new Sovereign Letters Patent in November 2015 and appointed new Federal representatives. Mr. Jacob Rothschild representing the UN Corporation and Pope Francis as Trustee have both been notified that THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. has no contract, is acting on a for hire basis only, and is obligated to honor the terms and conditions of the actual Constitution while doing so.

4. The High Contracting Powers have similarly been informed that none of the ESTATE trusts named after living Americans and created by the UNITED STATES, INC. for its own benefit are contractually valid. These private contracts have been created and secured under conditions of non-disclosure and semantic deceit.

5. The High Contracting Powers have also been informed that we have acted as the lawful Beneficiaries and Priority Creditors and have authorized the discharge of the “National Debt” owed by the UNITED STATES, INC. against our already accrued “National Credit” so as to put an end to all pretense of conflict with or valid commercial claim against the American People and their actual property assets.

6. The position of the United States Major is one of guarded optimism. Having clearly defined the problem of fraud and misrepresentation by the United States of America Minor, it is now possible to overcome it. That said, we agree that gold has always been the international medium of exchange in modern times and we understand that other nations may desire or require gold in payment for goods and services. We agree that at least for the time being a precious metals standard may serve to restore a degree of honesty and stability to international markets and that new and stringent bank regulatory mechanisms are sorely needed to prevent speculation, insurance scams, commodity rigging and a host of other evils.

7. We draw everyone’s attention to the fact that the United States Major’s lawful money is and has always been the United States Silver Dollar. We see no reason why our currency would be in any way incompatible with the proposed international return to a precious metals-based system.

8. We welcome the understanding and the assistance of the international community as we put our house in order and point out that as we have authorized our Trustees to settle all the debts of the UNITED STATES, INC. there can be no complaints or accusations held against the American People nor any continuing claims against their assets based on the fraudulent misrepresentations of the United States of America, Minor.

9. What remains to be resolved is an arbitration process by which the United States Major is credited back costs which we have incurred by covering the UNITED STATES, INC. debts and which were never agreed to by any fiduciary deputies of ours.

10. We trust that the banks are well-aware of where the accounts actually stand, the fraud that has been committed against the United States Major, and their own fiduciary culpability. A prompt and just settlement of these issues is in the best interests of the entire planet and we stand ready to do our part.

We hope this synopsis of the situation clarifies it for everyone concerned.

[ Confidential Signatory ]


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The Asian Insider Returns
And Says The Time Has Come
Today: Go! Go! Go!

It has been a rather arduous week for Group K. In the past it had to do with stolen accounts which we became used to, seeing it all came from the same source or place.

This time we had a new challenge and it came from what we considered to be within. As always we stand tall, we moved on and left the challenger still nothing more than someone who wished for more than he was.

It was a sorry week but it brought us to new beginnings.

Group K now has “It’s a Keenan Thing” as their facebook page. It will be first place to publish new information after this website

Subsequently, new information releases will spread to other social media groups such as Cosmic Voice etc.

Our new facebook page is private but if you know us then it is not so private now is it?



Let’s get to the meat of things; to new beginnings:

Yesterday I held a long conversation with the Asian Insider. He confirmed many things I knew and then some.

Also it is time to get moving. M2 is very special and fits perfectly into my plans (not yours so don’t ask who M2 is).

My ailments no longer count, what matters is our survival. It all begins NOW. This is the message I received. The following is the written release that the Asian Insider provided us with to share;


The Asian Insider Returns:

Neil, Once again I find it necessary to applaud your actions (Clap-Clap!). You have taken the final steps toward alleviating yourself from other peoples’ preferences over your own.

I like (what I think) you are doing with your new Facebook page where you are bringing good, solid, wise people into a forum.

Now you have a place to speak among like-minded individuals

Bravo Group K! It is now time to learn how to spread your wings. The world is waiting on you to fly, and once you do, you will discover just how well received you are.

Both yourself and the members of Group K are some of the chosen ones, here to help mend this world, Neil. You have chosen wisely and carefully from top to bottom.

I observed the insulting exhibitions of others, especially those not respectfully elevated to where you are; and how they attempted to challenge that which you know to be factual.

These uninformed detractors went on an offensive, blaming you and your team for many things when in truth these people are not in the position you are in, understanding what you understand.

This prevents them from understanding at all. How could they blame you for presenting outright truth to the world – other than because of pure jealousy?

I was pleased to hear they are no longer associated with you. But I know you, Mr. Keenan, and it is too late to deal with or resolve any further attempts by others to besmirch or question yourself and Group K. Now more than ever, time is of the essence in moving forward. 

In this ongoing battle in which we find ourselves, we cannot spend valuable time looking over our shoulders wondering if those who are purporting to be supporting us are in actuality, stabbing us in the back.

The situation you have just weathered brings to mind the experiences of Brutus and Judas.

You had given the uninformed characters your all, and had assisted in  bringing them attention – to their online roost; and in the end one in particular felt empowered to take you on.

Little did he know you only provided a sampling of information, not everything. As you say “I never show all my cards”. Now they suffer and scream out about Neil Keenan, “The bad guy”, when in fact they attempted a coup d’é·tat and failed.

Group K has followers in virtually every country around the globe. And indeed your efforts are observed by those that control countries and armies, and they too depend upon your information – and how well you deliver.

It is evident that when you are confronted, at times you are not diplomatic. However you do get your point across and the foes never come back the same way twice.

Talkers fail to get anywhere in such scenarios, although they may prefer simply talking without any direct evidence. In these crucial dilemmas that we now face – talk will only prolong the inevitable.

Neil, you are currently at the top of the hill looking down, and what you see beneath you are many trying to catch up to Group K and yourself.

Without the Dragon Family’s assistance they have nothing.

For we own the United States. It was sold to us many times over the years. They know this, we know this, and the people will soon know this.

Consequently there will be little alternative but to come to you, considering you are our choice to push forward on our behalves.

In the interim, make your way back over here and sign the M1 paperwork. And put an end to the lunatic claims others are making in claiming to being M1.

Collect your team together and continue your work (in such a formidable effort) to make this world a better place for all.

In time, everything will be placed in your laps without a fight. Everyone will want Group K to represent them, and you will have the strength you require.

It is regretful that you have had so many obstructions heaved in your way, but this is your quest, and do not think for one second that we did not have something to do with M2 getting involved to assist you.

Yes, M2 is brilliant, and the decision-making and advice you have received to date is spot on. We could have desired for no better than those whom you have brought into your fold. He is a real warrior near equal to yourself.

It does not matter which way others twist things; you are soon to have your own arsenal.

People will sit back and watch how you serve to assist the nations of this planet. (Little do they know you and your team have already been doing so.)

We can only wonder what is going to transpire once your team is complete.

And likewise; when your team crosses the dimensions via portals and returns with the wisdom of the worlds. We know you are not particularly interested in such matters, but they will soon be very valuable to your team and to mankind’s existence. It will be your team receiving the honor to do so.

You have earned this over the years by becoming the trusted, chosen person to protect our Global Collateral Assets from the jackals; the bloodsuckers that insist on calling themselves M1 without any substantiated authority backing them.

They are “talkers” and “wannabes” – little else. So refrain from wasting your precious time and energy toying with them any more. You need to move ahead vigorously to prepare for what should be your final endeavor to the very top.

You posses enough wisdom to determine exactly who and what you require and so no more advice for now from this wise sage.

Good Luck, Neil Keenan, this is your quest and you have come a phenomenal  distance.

It is time to build your strength, with your coffers replenished, (Did you hear that a wise woman said you would need Trillions of dollars to do what you have  achieved? Little did she know you have been on a budget), and ensure your team are focused and ready to take on the battle of the ages.

For you no longer have the luxury of ailing. I can sense it Neil, and this means that ‘that’ time draws near.

The world needs you to be victorious in this undertaking.

Godspeed, my friend.

Asian Insider


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