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A Fly On The Wall

For nearly all of the entire two month period that Neil spent in Jakarta at the end of 2015 – working on releasing the Global Collateral Accounts, he had Lanny (also known as the Asian Insider) with him.  Not always, but often.

Neil felt that ‘Lanny’ was keeping an eye on him (likely as part of a final evaluation exercise in order to determine as to whether or not Neil was qualified to handle the Global Collateral Accounts) and report back to the Family.  His latest correspondence to Neil (below) is a post for all to see; as to whether or not Neil would pass muster or fall on his face.

We leave it to you to find out for yourselves, reading ‘Lanny’s Observations,’ which are quite detailed and were surprising even for Neil to read.  And if this was startling for Neil, we can only imagine what you will think when you see it.

This is being posted for only one reason, the Asian Insider wants everyone to see his evaluation of the person we know as Neil Keenan.

Sorry, we wish it could have been better.

Group K.


“Win” – Neil requested this song be in this post, as he felt it represented his challenge and journey in securing the Global Collateral Accounts over the course of the last number of years,  – “to never give up” with the help of his Group K team.



[ Asian Insider Correspondence Begins ]


Mr. Keenan,

The completion of one journey necessitates the beginning of another.

In response to your recent post, I want to reassure you that in no way will I reveal any further, your most private business affairs. I have every confidence that you are perfectly situated in the right place at the right time now – even though some challenges remain.

I must relate that in spending time with you I have experienced both enjoyable and confusing escapades. Personally, I would like to thank you for allowing me to bear witness to your many trying circumstances, from calmness to tumultuous storms, and to your giving so generously from the heart.

Your drive and your desire are incomparable. I have never witnessed such an incredible soul drive through the challenges that you have endured without complaint. I know of the poisoning episodes (now numbering six or seven?), the robotic bug, and most recently the health challenges delivered upon you both in terms of blood sugar and acidic elevations.

You then went into hiding  and so most people had no idea. Only those who were extremely close to you knew what you were going through, and that it was not very pleasant. I am aware that you almost did not make it this time, but with your team and friends pulling together for you and assisting you, you managed to kick your way back to health. What an amazing story Group K has to tell one day!

I must confess that I was “planted” to observe you and your habits, Neil. Some had tasked me with determining, at this pivotal point, to make definitively sure that you really are a conscious, diligent stalwart and not  a “one trick pony”?

We could not have been duped into turning over the quadrillions of dollars in the Global Collateral Accounts to just anyone, or even to someone like you; without being totally assured that you could handle such a monumental undertaking. What I have learned is that you are more than capable of handling this mission, although not entirely by yourself.

I (we), know you will delegate responsibility to others more qualified than yourself to do what you have no desire to do. As a matter of fact, this is not so much about the money with you, as it is the thrill of the chase, catching what no one else has ever caught; as well as your sincere desire to help Indonesia and the rest of the world.

The one difference you noted to me between this and other deals, is that this is the gift that keeps on giving, not just to you or your group, but to the entire world. In other words, what you said to me whilst not being aware of my wider job description, immediately set me to thinking that you are absolutely the man for this job.

I watched you go through so much of your own money and then go without, while knowing there is “gold in them there hills.” You did not push things even though you had every right to do so. No, you looked over the terrain and acted strategically when you deemed it to be appropriate. A necessary attribute in dealing with something so very important as the Global Collateral Accounts.

You have such a small team at this time, yet although somewhat in disarray, they always seem to find a way to get things done. I can only imagine what will happen when you have things going the way you would prefer them to be. You were always at a disadvantage in Jakarta working from your room, waiting for your team mates to arrive, and when they didn’t, you’d lose another day and another dollar.

I also saw that patience is not one of your virtues, but this is no longer so important, seeing you will have a team of highly qualified professionals, thereby freeing you to do even more important things. This is the way smart people work, and in our extended discourse you relayed to me that this is the way you plan on doing things.

You are right in counting on your family friends both in Hong Kong and in Ireland. Both are strong team members who know exactly what they’re doing. Most importantly, you respectfully defer to them in their fields of expertise.

I’ve overheard the conversations you’ve held with them, and I observed that at all times you listened to them regarding financing and marketing. You are a team player and a skilled leader, the perfect one to lead this effort regarding the freeing of the contents of the Global Collateral Accounts.

Your team is going to swell into a megalith of a foundation, one that will facilitate the financing of the freedom of this planet. You’ve already seen the truth of this as well as stating to me that “everyone will come to us for financing, when seeing we will have the most money worldwide.” The writing is on the wall.

I saw your eyes light up when the discussion took place among the Elders who said they have been speaking to you for 30 years. You laughed, but the Elders were serious. You need to truly understand that they are not on the same playing field as you find yourself, or your spiritual time line.

They often work in another dimension, and, rightfully so, they do know what you’re going to say even a day in advance. They also know who you are, and knew who you were even before you took your first step into Indonesia. They have told you as such.

Remember the Elders told you about how the entities need you in order to be released from the bunkers, and you heard their spirits calling you as you were driving away, asking you to help them and not to leave them. At first you thought you were hearing things, but now you know it to be true and you must further open your consciousness and allow things to happen. This is a topic that will eventually be explained to you. The entities live on another plane of existence so let them help and assist you as well.

Well, I had many weeks to observe, and I must say that both yourself and your team are very impressive. You continue to make achievements against phenomenal odds, but I might add, as has been relayed to you before, know that you are protected by 9 angels and often 12 or more. This is no laughing matter.

You have so many helping to protect and assist you in your quest. You have already experienced this but rarely speak of it as you have concerns about how “you could never tell anyone what is happening, because it seems so crazy.” “Coo Coo,” you called it. But you also understood miraculous things were happening outside of this physical plane are taking place, and you are active within it all.

There is a lot more that I could say, but I am releasing this onto the internet for one reason: To let everyone know that my last communique  was to push you on one last time. This would appear to have served it’s purpose – I wanted to see the “mad dog” in you come out once more and it did, although it was a much more restrained version than the last one I saw observed in  Jakarta. You still are a “one man wrecking crew,” and you are fearless.

This is good, but please understand you will not be able to interact with everybody in such a manner. Your soft side is so often a joy to watch and experience. You may have struggled to be one of the boys, especially when small talk does not come naturally to you.

You are on an expansive playing field now my friend, so use it, use it well, use it all, and most especially your numerous formidable talents.

I am available should you require my assistance at any stage in the future. As per my one of my key directives, I have reassured all parties involved that you are the only person for this assignment. Make the necessary arrangements including whatever bridging finance you may need.

The task of releasing the Global Collateral Accounts is as imminent as it is urgent. You must proceed as quickly as practicable upon your return.

You are the Key.

Kind Regards,

Asian Insider


[ Asian Insider Correspondence Ends ]



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Newt Gingrich Exposes
The Republican Party

Rubio, Cruz are Part of the Cabal:
Donald Trump is not one of them.

As we have all been sitting, watching and wondering what the hell is going on with the Republican race in particular; here their party joins together to destroy front runner Donald Trump with lies, slurs and innuendo.

They are going all-out to try to take Trump down because they are the Cabal, and should Trump take this parties’ leadership position in the Presidential Elections, they will have lost.

Years and years of screwing “We the People” will come to an end and a new era of growth and prosperity shall begin.

You have heard throughout that we have been dealing with what some consider to be “Conspiracy Theories”. And given the usual the Cabal-controlled media treatment, such matters are never mentioned as anything other than such. This is standard disinformation procedure.

Now, the former speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, finally has grown tired of listening to the chaos and panic that is running rampant throughout the halls of the Republican Party and he has decided enough is enough.

Gingrich sees the Grand Old Party falling apart, with the front runner Donald Trump – who is not part of the secretive boys club; has not taken any initiation rites, who is considered an outsider – one whom ‘they’ cannot control, and most of all who is not part of their very own corrupt team. The ‘team’ that has been raping society for who knows how many years.

If, after watching the following [short] video, you do not grab yourself and your neighbors to go out and vote Trump – then you are not Americans nor Patriots – you are traitors.

The battle lines are being finalized and thank god Gingrich has come forward in making an effort towards saving the world from these evil, despicable beasts who care nothing for you.

This does not begin and end with the States. No, this stretches throughout the entire world. Now you know what you are dealing with.

For those of you in the US; get off your backsides, go out and vote TRUMP.

Make sure your vote gets out as such; and raise hell if you should see it change to anyone other than him.

God Bless you Newt Gingrich for exposing all that is bad, and possibly assisting in the effort towards creating an opportunity for the planet to finally engender peace.

Now watch this short video for 24 seconds and understand that we have been had for many, many years. We have a chance to take it back.

Take it back now.



George Herbert Walker Bush said in 1992:

“If the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.”



And you better get your sneakers on George because we are coming your way…


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